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Finding a good and affordable paralegal school can be tough.

Many paralegal schools are expensive and don’t offer tuition financing. According to American School Search, the average tuition per year for paralegal school is $14,100.00. Compare that to the average tuition of $22,261.00 per year for an in-state college.  All of these numbers can sound defeating and beyond your means. But your paralegal education can really be affordable and within your budget.

At the American Institute for Paralegal Studies the total tuition for a General Paralegal certificate is only $3,995.00 and $5,995.00 for the Litigation Specialty Certificate Program. Discounts are also available such as a 15% discount for a payment in full or 10% discount for paying in four installments. These discounts can possibly add up to an $899.25 tuition reduction. 

There is also an affordable long term financing option of a 24 month, interest free, payment plan. This means that you can complete your paralegal certificate paying as little as $151.88 per month. When you compare, according to American School Search, the average salary for paralegals at roughly $45,200 every year, you can’t go wrong with that investment!  To learn more about just how affordable AIPS is, go to

To find out more information about how to become a paralegal visit the online paralegal school page of the AIPS website.

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Janet Russeth, J.D. AIPS Instructor

Janet Russeth, J.D.
AIPS Instructor

  •  March 25, 2013
  •  Posted by at 2:46 pm

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