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Online Paralegal School with Personality

Can an online paralegal school have personality?  Technology is impersonal.  Computers are impersonal.  They are things!  It sounds silly to say that American Institute for Paralegal Studies (AIPS) possesses any kind of personal quality.  It isn’t possible for an impersonal venue to be personal…or is it?!  It’s all about the word “interactive”. 

 Merriam-Webster’s definition of “interactive” is:  mutually or reciprocally active.  Well, of course, we then must understand what “reciprocal” means, so here that is:  shared, felt, or shown by both sides.  Wow!  That’s it!  What AIPS possesses is mutually shared and felt activity that is shown by both sides…students and faculty and staff.  Hmmm…sounds a bit personal. 

When you apply to some schools, you receive your materials, you complete the assigned work and send it in, it comes back…you know the drill.  You are on your own.  There is no interactivity, no personality.  It is the transfer of information back and forth.    When you attend AIPS, you interact with your instructor and classmates on a daily basis.  There have been some heated discussions about subject matter.  That cannot happen, unless there is an interaction between students and moderation by faculty.   This is what is unique about AIPS.  There is active communication, caring, encouragement, motivation, instruction and support for each and every student. 

What you will find at the AIPS Interactive Online Paralegal School:

  • Personal assistance and support from application to graduation
  • Classes taught by real people – attorneys and paralegals
  • Gifted faculty that knows how to make a potentially impersonal classroom, personal
  • Real classrooms with daily interaction between classmates and faculty
  • Homework that is challenging, relevant and rewarding
  • Daily interactive discussion forums, continually moderated by faculty
  • Paralegal Lounge, where classmates from around the world can connect
  • Alumni Association that provides CLE opportunities and info for graduates

As you can see, it is very possible for you, as a student of American Institute for Paralegal Studies, to have a very mutually-shared educational experience with classmates and faculty.  It’s possible to have both meaningful classroom dialogue and casual conversation with classmates and faculty.  It is possible because of the “interactive”, progressive and relevant mentality that AIPS has toward online paralegal school

To learn more about AIPS Interactive Online Paralegal School, click here.  You can sign up, today, for class.  Talk to you, soon.  

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