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AIPS Paralegal School Receives High Praise

What an AIPS graduate says about the paralegal school! 

A paralegal school, when advertising to potential students, wants to draw attention to its best features.  That is not unlike those of us who ask that a photograph be taken of our “best side”.   For a paralegal school, that “best side” may be affordability, small class size, great tech and academic support and a relevant curriculum.  These are some of the best features of American Institute for Paralegal Studies (AIPS).  However, some of the most important information to share with potential students is what graduates have to say about our paralegal school.  Listen to what Regina of Jacksonville, Florida, says: 

How has our paralegal school made a difference in your career? 

AIPS has made me a more competent paralegal. I have a greater knowledge and understanding of the U.S. legal system … as well as how to perform legal research more thoroughly…I feel that the skills and knowledge I have acquired through this program have added more value to my business and career in general. In addition, it has given me more creditability and marketability. 

Did we miss anything in our paralegal curriculum that would have helped you? 

The curriculum at AIPS truly exceeded my expectations. The courses required for the general practice certificate covered more material than I thought that they would cover.  I learned a lot of valuable information. Even in areas of the law that I had familiarity, I was challenged a great deal. I believe that all of the topics covered are necessary and foundational for any individual seeking to enter the legal field or enhance their legal skills. 

What else would like to say about the AIPS paralegal school? 

I just would like to take this time to say THANK YOU AIPS for providing me with an outstanding paralegal studies education! Staff went out of their way to assist me prior to me agreeing to sign up; then, after signing up, I was even more impressed with the communication, knowledge, skills, and professionalism I received from the staff… I was challenged in every class!   The free workshops that AIPS provides have been…extremely valuable to my career as a paralegal.  I plan to take my advanced certifications through AIPS once I pass the NALA national certification exam.  

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