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Remain vigilant with the employment search process, as job opportunities are more about “who knows you – rather than who you know.

Derrick Myers, 2008 Graduate

Derrick Myers works as a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Specialist in the Corporate Law Department, Federal Requirements and FOIA Section, of the United States Postal Service (USPS).  Derrick was a contractor for several months with the USPS, when one of the attorneys in the Federal Requirements Section told him about a position opening up as an FOIA Specialist.  The attorney felt that Derrick should apply for the position…and he did.  Good thing he did, because he got the job!  Prior to landing his current job, Derrick was a contractor on an assignment with the United States Postal Service as a Legal Assistant. 

AIPS NoteTemporary or contract positions are perfect ways to find employment.  Employers often “try out” employees.  It worked for Derrick!

Each of us possesses personal skills and learned skills that support us as job applicants.    

Derrick believes his prior law-related experience moved his resume to the top of the list.  He was a paralegal in the AARP Corporate Law Department, as well as a Paralegal in Georgetown University Hospital’s Corporate Law Department. 

Job search strategies vary from applicant to applicant. 

Derrick recommends that applicants…or paralegals, in general…stay current with research skills on law-related software, such as LexisNexis and Westlaw.  The attorneys he has worked for have appreciated the fact that they could ask him to research case law for cases they were working on.       

Derrick believes AIPS impacted his career!

With the paralegal certification from AIPS, I was able to obtain employment interviews rather easily, as compared to before… without the paralegal certification.  Even if I did not receive a job offer, my paralegal certification (Paralegal Certificate) opened up doors and made the process of looking for employment easier.

Derrick’s final words of wisdom…

Enthusiasm – An applicant should stay positive about the new career opportunities that await them.  Remain vigilant with the employment search process, as job opportunities are more about who knows you – rather than who you know.   Attend as many employment career fairs as you can so HR Recruiters can become familiar with you.  HR Recruiters remember the people who are upbeat and who are certain a positive outcome is on the horizon.    

Congratulations, Derrick!  Thanks for letting us share your Success Story!


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