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Why should my paralegal certificate include a class in ADR?

I want to get my paralegal certificate but what does ADR even stand for?

So you want to get your paralegal certificate, but you don’t know what your curriculum should include. You have heard the word ADR, but you have no idea what it stands for.  ADR stands for Alternative Dispute Resolution. ADR is an alternative to litigation which means going through the formal court system. In other words, you are using an alternative solution to resolve your dispute rather than suffering through numerous and long court hearings. Employers are looking for paralegals that have learned ADR in their training because chances are that you are going to run in ADR no matter what area of law you choose to work in.  It is essential to have a paralegal certificate course that focuses solely on ADR because there are many forms of ADR such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. There is a lot to learn about ADR when in paralegal school!

The ADR class is an essential part of your paralegal education because ADR has many benefits. ADR is generally quicker, simpler and less expensive for litigants. These days cost is a key factor so less expensive, but effective, ADR is a great alternative to years tied up in the court system.  ADR, which is especially suited to straightforward cases, tends to free up courts to handle the tougher matters. Alternative Dispute Resolution is suited to defending the rights of the disadvantaged who do not have the resources to litigate. Also, ADR can fashion remedies that a court of law cannot impose such as an apology from the offending party. Finally, ADR avoids the win/lose of litigation and allows everyone to get something. Thus, people are most likely to be satisfied with the outcome and your employer will be satisfied with your knowledge of Alternative Dispute Resolution that you obtained from your paralegal certificate training.

So you can see why it is important to make sure that your paralegal certificate curriculum includes a class on Alternative Dispute Resolution. Curriculum plays such a huge part in your paralegal certificate and ADR will allow you to play a big part in your paralegal job.

To find out more information on starting your paralegal certificate education and Alternative Dispute Resolution visit the curriculum page of the AIPS website. For a course description, click here!

ADR for Paralegal Certificate Students

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