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Alternative Use of Paralegal Certificate

Your Paralegal Certificate opens up doors to many alternative law-related jobs

If you are new to the paralegal career area, or you have just received your Paralegal Certificate, you may think that paralegals only work in law firms.  Many paralegals are employed in law firms; however, there are many who are not, and who are using paralegal skills in desirable jobs.  The job title may not accurately reflect the law-related nature of the job. It is important to carefully read the job description and to consider the employer, the agency, or the department within an organization that has posted the position.  For example, almost any position within the court systems (municipal, district, superior) is going to be a law-related position, because the court system is a law-related entity.  If a court system posts a job, look closely at the job description to see if you are interested in performing those tasks. Check out the job description of a Court Assistant that we have provided, below.  One of the desired skills of a Court Assistant is possession of a paralegal certificate.

Another example might be a job within the Human Resources office of an agency, school district or corporation, where dealing with Employment Law is a daily occurrence.  The title of a job in HR may not be “paralegal”, but the job might be heavily law-related.  It just depends on the job description.  A Paralegal Certificate will be a positive, in any job that deals with legal issues or compliance.

A paralegal possesses a specific skill set.  A Paralegal Certificate is a document that attests to that fact.  A certificated paralegal has demonstrated the desire to be the best, and to remain career competitive by continuing his or her education.  Possessing the certificate may mean an increased chance of meeting the job requirements of a position.

You may be researching the paralegal profession and paralegal certificate programs.  Possibly, you already work in a law-related office or organization and need the additional credibility that a Paralegal Certificate can bring.  You have come to the right place.  American Institute for Paralegal Studies has been supporting folks, just like you, for many years.

If you are interested in learning more about the American Institute for Paralegal Studies Paralegal Certificate program, click here.  We would love to chat with you about our program.  Don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-553-2420.

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