Apr 222013

Will I succeed outside a traditional classroom setting in an online paralegal course?

Taking online courses has become the “new normal” for many students.  Due to the many advantages, online learning has become very popular and in large demand. Students taking online courses love them and do not plan to return to the traditional classroom. But what about if you have been out of school and haven’t tried it? What are the advantages of online learning? 

There are many advantages of online learning over the traditional classroom.  The biggest advantage is flexibility. There is no need to sit in a classroom at a certain time as in classroom course. You can sign on at your convenience which helps if you work during the day or night or have an altering work schedule.  It also gives you time with family. Online learning gives you the ability to balance school, work, and a family.

Online learning also gives you the freedom of not having to travel to and from school. We all know that every hour is precious when you are trying to make that balance between school, work, and family. Not to mention the money that you can save on gas! The only traveling is that short walk to your computer.

Some worry that they won’t have the support and access from their teacher in an online environment.  However, most classroom teachers have specific office hours once or twice per week, regardless if it works with your schedule. The instructors at AIPS are available seven days per week and you can simply pick up the phone and call or email them. An instructor that you can call at home on Saturday, how much more accessible can it get?

Many students find that they are more comfortable with online courses because they become more vocal when sitting behind a computer. For those that are uncomfortable speaking in public, online learning can give you a voice to share your thoughts and knowledge. There are many advantages to online learning. Isn’t it time that you gave it a try and found out what you have been missing?

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Janet Russeth, J.D. AIPS Instructor

Janet Russeth, J.D.
AIPS Instructor









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