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Aug 132013

Midsummer’s Night Dream:  Your Paralegal Certificate

Next Class Begins August 19! 



 A goal is a dream with a deadline! –  Napoleon Hill

So, what was your deadline to begin your paralegal studies?  August has arrived.  Your early summer excitement segued into thoughts of back to school and preparation for fall.  If you are bemoaning the fact that you didn’t move on your dream of applying to the AIPS 100% Online Paralegal School, before now, never fear!  You still have time!  The next class begins August 19.  Let’s refresh your memory of the reasons why you want your Paralegal Certificate…and, why you want a 100% online program.  Then, move toward your goal.      

The work place is a competitive place!

Your Paralegal Certificate will give you the law-related credibility and paralegal skill set that you desire and need.  Plus, it confirms that you have mastered substantive legal coursework.  Not everyone can say that!  To learn more about the importance of this credential, go to: .

You want to continue your education and gain paralegal credentials!

Your goal has always been to be the best you can be in your career.  You understand how impressive paralegal credentials, such as the Paralegal Certificate or national paralegal certification (, will look on your resume.  It’s a fact!  These credentials will give you an edge and will address one of the “desired qualifications” often found in paralegal job applications.  

A 100% online paralegal school allows you to control when you attend class!

Let’s face it!  Life is crazy busy.  The thought of leaving your home to attend a traditional classroom just doesn’t sound good at all.  You are not alone.  The AIPS paralegal program is designed for busy working adults, just like you.  Early Birds and Night Owls are able to study at the time of day that works best for them.  Now, doesn’t that sound crazy good?!  (

Take the AIPS course!  Don’t bother with other online courses.  The course is a good   investment, affordable, and you will get top of the line instructors as well as quick, online tech  assistance throughout your course.  Subjects were kept interesting, interactive, which made me look forward to my classes.

Ana Lawler
Tustin, California

The AIPS Advantage!

  • Affordable
  • Interactive online format
  • Experienced – training paralegals since 1978, with over 15 years of online experience
  • Comprehensive, real-life applicable curriculum

This goal…this midsummer dream…can be reached! To learn more, go to or call 1-800-553-2420.  Apply, today

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Aug 102013

Immigration Law is a complex and high demand area of law for attorneys and paralegals.

Immigration Law, very simply defined, determines who may enter the United States, how long they may remain and when they must leave. 
Enjoy this short video from the American Institute for Paralegal Studies Video Lecture Series.
YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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Jul 162013

It has been said that the health of families reflects the health of society.

If the health of families truly reflects the health of society, then there must be a system in place to aid families in crisis!  Aid may come in the form of counseling or legal intervention. Family Law is a broad area of law that addresses legal issues that arise in families or in other personal relationships. 

Enjoy this short video on the role of the Family Law Paralegal.


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Jul 112013

 Online Paralegal School

You want it!  What’s holding you back?


  Our doubts are our traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt. – William Shakespeare

 Your goal of attending an online paralegal school is a great one!  You feel, however, like the stone in the pocket of a sling shot…the center of it all, but feeling a little out of control of the situation.   Something is holding you back.  What is it?  Let’s take a few minutes to identify questions and to alleviate doubts that might be holding you back.     

Can I afford it?

Money is usually the first question that comes to mind.  Is the program affordable? 

AIPS Advantage:  You will not go into debt.  You only pay for classes you need to learn the  paralegal skill set.  AIPS is affordable!  Check out out tuition and financing options here.

Can I do it?

Self-confidence questions surface, prior to attempting something new.  AIPS experienced staff and faculty are available 24/7 to help you with academic or technical questions. 

AIPS Advantage:  Try out our program BEFORE you apply.  AIPS offers a Free Introductory Mini Course for Paralegal Studies to acquaint you with the paralegal school process.  You can do it!   Click here to register.   

Do I have the time?

Time is precious!!  So many responsibilities tug at our time.  Can we add one more thing to our day?

AIPS Advantage:  AIPS classrooms are open all day, every day!  You choose the time of day to   study and to attend class.  Our program is designed for busy adults like you

Do I need a Paralegal Certificate?

The work place is a competitive place.  The Paralegal Certificate gives you law-related credibility and confirms mastery of substantive legal coursework.  Advocate for yourself!  Earn the credentials that will help you! 

AIPS Advantage:  You will receive a Paralegal Certificate upon completion of the AIPS paralegal program.  Learn more about this important credential, as well as additional statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

The AIPS Advantage!

  • AIPS paralegal school is 100% online, affordable and interactive
  • Experienced – Training paralegals since 1978, with over 15 years of online experience
  • Convenient – Classes start monthly and are open 24/7
  • Flexible – You choose the program that works best for you
  • Curriculum that is comprehensive, real-life applicable, and taught by practicing attorneys and paralegals 

You do have control of your career future!  You can do it!  Apply, today


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Jul 052013

Environmental Law, through state and federal statutes, covers  Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Hazardous Waste, Wilderness, Endangered Wildlife, Endangered Species, among other issues.

Enjoy this short video from the American Institute for Paralegal Studies Video Lecture Series.


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Jul 022013

Embracing the Path to a Paralegal Career

Magda Kaminski’s Success Story

Embrace Your Path 

It took me a while to get where I am, right now; but, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Magda Kaminski, 2013 Graduate

Success is the achievement of something planned and attempted.  In order for there to be an achievement, there must be a plan and an attempt.  Recent AIPS graduate, Magda Kaminski, has a plan.  Her paralegal Success Story is in progress…still on the path.  Sound like your story?  

Magda arrived from Poland, ten years ago, with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Marii Curie Sklodowska.  She worked as a caregiver and a nanny, before finding a secretarial position in a small Chicago law firm.

Currently, Magda works as an Administrative Assistant in the Corporate Legal Department of a large company in Oak Brook, Illinois.  She heard about the position from a friend.  Magda is performing some paralegal tasks, while a paralegal coworker is out for several months.  Magda states, “While I am helping out, I am also learning a lot.  I know that at some point I will become a paralegal; but, for now, that’s not my title.”     

AIPS NoteAn AIPS graduate is a paralegal, whether or not a job title includes the word “paralegal”.

Magda believes her organizational and time management skills; attention to detail; experience in schedule management; plus, her ability to multi-task, helped her find a job.  Magda is, also, proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.   

Actively look for work!  Magda says, You cannot just sit and wait until it comes to you. …Talk to friends and let them know that you are looking…Sometimes people say, ‘I heard about a position a week ago, but I didn’t know you were looking.’  That’s why it’s good to let people know.

Magda checked job websites, daily.  She states:  There are so many people applying for jobs that it’s good to be one of the first ones.  If you know what company you would like to work for, check their website frequently.  Maybe, one day you will get lucky!

The AIPS Impact!  AIPS definitely opened another door for me.  At my company, the Paralegal Certificate is required to work as a paralegal.  I learned a lot by taking all the classes!  Legal research class was very helpful.  …My supervisor knew I was interested in becoming a paralegal; so, she gave me more paralegal responsibilities.  …My resume looks much better, now, than it looked before. The AIPS Certificate is a great addition.

Magda’s Words of Wisdom:   …Show that you are really interested in finding a job.  I never really cared how much I was offered…I just wanted to get a job, work hard and move on from there.  It took me a while to get where I am, right now; but, I wouldn’t change a thing…

Thank you, Magda, for sharing your story.

Find YOUR Path!  The next class starts July 22! Apply, today!

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Jun 272013

Entertainment Law covers professionals and businesses in the entertainment industry that profit from the creative efforts, skills and services of writers, songwriters, musicians and other artists.  Enjoy this short, introductory video on the role of Entertainment Law Paralegals.


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Jun 252013

The Perks of Online Paralegal Program

Summer is here, and your career goal of beginning a paralegal program appears to be drifting away like a sailboat without a skipper.  You have the desire, but your summer is too busy with work, vacation and hauling kids around…we get it!  That’s why the AIPS 100% Online Paralegal Program is the perfect choice for you!   There is no reason why you cannot move toward your goal of receiving your Paralegal Certificate AND have a wonderful summer filled with fun, family and friends. 

Check out some of the perks of meeting up with our experienced online paralegal school.      

The AIPS Online Paralegal School Advantage!

  • Convenient – Take a sigh of relief!  You can complete our program from the comfort of your home.  You choose the program (  You can even choose the time of day you want to attend class.  AIPS classrooms are open 7 days a week/24 hours a day!!  If you study better in the morning, perfect!  If a late-night study time works better, also perfect!!
  • Portable – Take your class with you on vacation…or just to the back yard.  Where you have internet access, you can attend your AIPS class.   
  • Flexible – AIPS classes begin, monthly!  So, you choose the month to begin.  No need to wait for the next quarter or semester.   
  • Real-Life Curriculum – The curriculum is taught by experienced attorneys and paralegals and is applicable.  Use what you learn!  AIPS only offers classes you need to earn your Paralegal Certificate.
  • Interactive Online Format – Our curriculum and online format is user friendly and encourages interaction.  Dialogue and discussion is both required and encouraged.  You will connect with your classmates and instructors on a daily basis. 
  • Stellar Technical and Academic Support – Be assured that your success is important to AIPS.  We will support you both academically and technically.  When you need it, you will receive it!
  • Affordable – Our focus is on the skills a paralegal needs.  You are paying for the training you need to receive that specific skill set.  For tuition and financing information, go to  

Paralegal Career Ideas

Need some help brainstorming about what area of law to work in?  Check out the AIPS Paralegal Careers/Job Descriptions web page at .   

You will have time to study this summer!  Next class starts July 22!  Apply, today

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Jun 122013

Remain vigilant with the employment search process, as job opportunities are more about “who knows you – rather than who you know.

Derrick Myers, 2008 Graduate

Derrick Myers works as a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Specialist in the Corporate Law Department, Federal Requirements and FOIA Section, of the United States Postal Service (USPS).  Derrick was a contractor for several months with the USPS, when one of the attorneys in the Federal Requirements Section told him about a position opening up as an FOIA Specialist.  The attorney felt that Derrick should apply for the position…and he did.  Good thing he did, because he got the job!  Prior to landing his current job, Derrick was a contractor on an assignment with the United States Postal Service as a Legal Assistant. 

AIPS NoteTemporary or contract positions are perfect ways to find employment.  Employers often “try out” employees.  It worked for Derrick!

Each of us possesses personal skills and learned skills that support us as job applicants.    

Derrick believes his prior law-related experience moved his resume to the top of the list.  He was a paralegal in the AARP Corporate Law Department, as well as a Paralegal in Georgetown University Hospital’s Corporate Law Department. 

Job search strategies vary from applicant to applicant. 

Derrick recommends that applicants…or paralegals, in general…stay current with research skills on law-related software, such as LexisNexis and Westlaw.  The attorneys he has worked for have appreciated the fact that they could ask him to research case law for cases they were working on.       

Derrick believes AIPS impacted his career!

With the paralegal certification from AIPS, I was able to obtain employment interviews rather easily, as compared to before… without the paralegal certification.  Even if I did not receive a job offer, my paralegal certification (Paralegal Certificate) opened up doors and made the process of looking for employment easier.

Derrick’s final words of wisdom…

Enthusiasm – An applicant should stay positive about the new career opportunities that await them.  Remain vigilant with the employment search process, as job opportunities are more about who knows you – rather than who you know.   Attend as many employment career fairs as you can so HR Recruiters can become familiar with you.  HR Recruiters remember the people who are upbeat and who are certain a positive outcome is on the horizon.    

Congratulations, Derrick!  Thanks for letting us share your Success Story!


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Jun 102013

Employment Law covers an expansive range of issues and conflicts that occur between an employer and an employee.

Enjoy this short introductory video.


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