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If you like watching crime shows like Law and Order or Judge Judy, you may enjoy working in the criminal legal field. There are many different opportunities in the criminal field such as working for the state in a prosecutor’s office or with the F.B.I. or working for the defense in a private law firm. There are also non-traditional positions such as working for a department of corrections, private investigator or probation department.  The AIPS Criminal law class covers many topics and provides a solid foundation for working in the criminal field. In the AIPS criminal law class you learn about the different crimes against the person like robbery and crimes against property like theft.  Learning the various motions in a criminal case is also crucial. Many motions are based on constitutional guarantees which may severely affect the outcome of a criminal case. It is important for a criminal law paralegal to know what to do during the pre-trial steps of a criminal case.

The Criminal online paralegal class covers the steps of a criminal case starting from the arrest all the way to sentencing. Specific things such as jury selection are even covered. Did you know that there are several factors to consider in jury selection?  You have to consider the effects of age, race, nationality, economic and education level, language barriers and gender. Voir dire is the process where jurors are questioned in order to discover any biases on the part of prospective jurors and to find persons who might identify with the plights of their respective client.  During voir dire, the attorneys can exercise a certain number of challenges to prevent particular persons from being allowed to serve on the jury.  After both sides have completed their challenges, those jurors who have been excused are permitted to leave. The remaining jurors, those found to be acceptable by both attorneys, become part of the jury.

Sound interesting? Criminal law is a fascinating area dealing with real people and fundamental rights! To find out more information on the Criminal law online paralegal class visit the curriculum page of the AIPS website.

Janet Russeth, J.D.
AIPS Instructor

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