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The Benefits of a Paralegal Certificate

Here are a few reminders of how obtaining your Paralegal Certificate may benefit you:

(1) Law-related Knowledge; (2) Increased Law-related Employment Opportunities; (3) Potential Salary Increase; (4) Increased Value to Employer. If you are interested in a Specialty Certificate in a certain area of law, some certificates are awarded in conjunction with your Paralegal Certificate. Also, having your Paralegal Certificate helps meet the requirements of national certification bodies.

You may, already, be working in a law-related position and just need that little push to move you into the next level of your career.  You possess the experience and the skills, but want more.  You have your sights on a position, and recognize you need to increase your competitive edge.  That next step is continuing your education and obtaining your Paralegal Certificate.  It’s the right step.  There aren’t any negatives in learning, whether it’s a specific skill or a range of skills.  If the end result is greater proficiency in your job, it is totally worth it.

If you are not working in a law-related position, your Paralegal Certificate will give you the credibility you need to move toward a career in the legal profession.  Law-related job postings share a lot about what is needed to find a job in the legal arena.  A Paralegal Certificate is often mentioned as part of the hiring criteria of the job.  Possession of a certificate shows the employer that the applicant is not opposed to do what it takes to gain the certifications and designations necessary for the position.

Speaking of employers, an employer likes to see an employee take the initiative to improve skills.  That initiative will benefit all involved…employee and employer.  If an employer is looking at an application of a potential new hire, the same applies.  The benefit to the applicant is, as we mentioned before, the law-related credibility…particularly, if the applicant’s experience isn’t totally in the legal field.  The benefit to the employer is an employee who exhibits noteworthy traits, such as sacrificing time to move toward career goals.  These are traits that show confidence and a great work ethic.

So, there are a number of reasons to consider moving toward this career goal; plus, you can cross it off of your New Year’s resolution list.  :)

To find out more information on obtaining your paralegal certificate, visit the American Institute for Paralegal Studies website today!

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