Apr 202012

Distance Learning and the Evolution of Adult Learning

Has distance learning become the traditional choice for the adult learner? 

Distance learning used to be a non-traditional choice for adults who want to continue their education.  That has changed dramatically!  Tracking trends in adult learning is fascinating; and, what used to be considered traditional may not be the “traditional” choice any longer.  If you are a working adult whose goal is to go back to school to receive your Paralegal Certificate, you do not have to leave home to accomplish that goal.  In addition, you are among many adult learners who are choosing online learning as their educational vehicle.  Why are busy adults making this choice? 


Busy-ness seems to be in epidemic proportions!  Adults are busy at work, busy at home, busy at play…just plain busy!!  Many working adults also have families to care for, which adds more to the daily commitment list.  The flexibility of distance learning is a beautiful thing, and is the only way for some adults to continue their education. 


The cost of college tuition has skyrocketed.  In addition to tuition, the cost for books and for travel to and from a traditional building makes continued education prohibitive and very expensive for some adults.  Distance learning programs are often more cost effective because the student doesn’t have to leave home to attend class. 


Some adults have disabilities, which makes distance learning a perfect choice for them.  Other adults do not live in close proximity to a traditional college or university; so, the possibility of continuing education is not realistic.  Online learning offers every adult who has access to the internet the opportunity to move toward educational goals.  

Course Selection

What do you do, if the local college or university doesn’t have the course selection that you desire?  Let’s say you want to receive your Paralegal Certificate and the college closest to you doesn’t have a paralegal program.  Distance learning programs, such as the AIPS 100% Online Paralegal Certificate Program, is the perfect choice for you.  Online learning provides the opportunity to sign up for programs that you are interested in. 

Adult learning has evolved.  No question about it.  Distance learning programs will continue to be in high demand for adults, particularly working adults, who need flexible learning opportunities.  

American Institute for Paralegal Studies (AIPS) has over 15 years of teaching online programs.  Call us at 800-553-2420! 

 Distance Learning 


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