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AIPS Family Law News: Man Arrested for Bringing Daughter to Work

It wasn’t bring your daughter to work last week, but Tyreek Langs certainly didn’t check his calendar. Mr. Langs decided to bring his 8 month old daughter to work and was arrested. A daughter, in her father’s arms, ready for another day of hard work. The problem is that Mr. Langs is a drug dealer. He was arrested after selling heroin while holding his infant daughter. He was immediately arrested and heroin was also found on him. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance, sale of a controlled substance and child endangerment. So now what will happen to the infant daughter? Chances are that Child Protection Services stepped in and took custody and guardianship of the infant.

Unfortunately, not all parents are good parents.  In the AIPS Family Law class we learn that in cases of child neglect and abuse, the state must intervene to protect children and, in some cases, terminate the parental rights of the parents. This means never returning the child to the parent. It is seen as a “last resort” for many cases. Parental rights are based on such a fundamental concept that the Supreme Court believe that courts shouldn’t mess with those rights unless it is really clear and convincing.

Although, courts are quick to take the child out of custody once there is a report of neglect and/or abuse. They have to do this because it is considered an emergency protection. The court will then decide, through the legal proceedings, if the allegations are true.  The child will slowly be returned to the parent as the court finds a solution to the allegation. For example, drug treatment, parenting classes, supervised visits and etc.

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Janet Russeth, J.D. AIPS Instructor

Janet Russeth, J.D.
AIPS Instructor


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