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Unemployment Stats & the Paralegal Job Market

The paralegal job outlook…and more… 

Let’s face it; the news about the current unemployment rate can be daunting, particularly if you are the one who is searching for a job.  What does that mean for those of you considering a career as a paralegal?  Should you throw your hands up in despair and quit?  We think not!  Use the unemployment stats as a catalyst to set yourself up as the best paralegal applicant!  Ask yourself this question:  Is there anything else I can do to make myself more competitive in the paralegal job market? 

We shouldn’t be answering a question with a question, but we are.  Ask yourself… 

  1. Who am I competing against for paralegal jobs? 
  2. How can I stand out among paralegal job applicants?
  3. Am I willing to receive formal paralegal training? 

Paralegal Job Outlook

Before you begin your paralegal job search, be aware that employment of paralegals is expected to grow by 18%, between now and 2020.  The fact that there is growth in the paralegal career is a good thing.  There will be law-related jobs available.  

Who are you competing against for paralegal jobs?

Know your enemy…not that another applicant is an enemy in the true sense; however, it is important for you to compare your employment history and your job skills with other potential applicants.  Some applicants may have degrees but no experience.  Others may have experience but no formal education. So, don’t shy away from evaluating your career stats, and do what you need to do to shorten the gap between you and your competition. 

How can you stand out among paralegal job applicants?

There are things you can do to be competitive in the paralegal job market. 

Craft a strong resume – highlight law-related skills

Research the employer – be ready to articulate how you can benefit the employer

Obtain the training and credentials – take the extra effort to set yourself up 

Are you willing to continue your education to gain a competitive edge?

Paralegal training is high on the list of desired qualifications!!

  • A Paralegal Certificate confirms mastery of paralegal courses
  • National certification shows you are willing to go above and beyond what is expected 

AIPS Can Help!!

Interactive online format

Experienced Paralegal Certificate program

Prep for NALA CP Exam 

Search for a  job with confidence!  Receive the necessary training and credentials you need!  Apply, today!

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