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Fall arrives and your thoughts travel to football, cleaning out the flower beds and applying to paralegal school. Well, two out of three isn’t bad.  You can clean out the flower beds any time.  Seriously, what rationalization is keeping you from moving forward with career goals?  If you are earnest about attending paralegal school, let’s identify your possible rationalizations and counter with some very thought-provoking resolutions!  Plus, we’ll add the valuable perspective of AIPS grads to the mix. 

Rationalization #1 – No Time

Time is precious.  Family, work, friends, hobbies, committees, church…the list goes on.  There doesn’t seem to be any room for attending a paralegal school.  Your job takes you away from home, from time to time, and it seems impossible to attend school.

Resolution #1 – Online Paralegal School

 Maintain life’s commitments and receive your Paralegal Certificate. 

  • Attend class, from the comfort of home, at the time of day that works best for you
  • Choose the length of program that fits you
  • Need to travel? Take your classroom with you.  AIPS instructors will work with you

                “…AIPS gave me the vital tools needed to work effectively as     a Legal Assistant, and I hope to  put it to good use as I continue my legal education and simultaneously work as a legal  assistant. The AIPS professors and classes are innovative, informative, and give their          students and outstanding ability to conduct themselves in a high-functioning manner.    Thanks,  AIPS! “L.M. March 2012 Grad

Rationalization #2 – Online Paralegal School is Impersonal and Unchallenging

Online classes are impersonal and lack the social interaction that encourages and facilitates discussion and learning.

Resolution #2 – AIPS Interactive Online Format and Relevant Curriculum

It takes a gifted instructor to make an impersonal venue, personal and vibrant.  The knowledgeable instructors and interactive online classroom format do just that.

  • Students connect, daily, with experienced instructors and engaged classmates
  • Students participate in relevant and poignant discussion
  • AIPS curriculum is real-life applicable and challenging
  • Affordable tuition

                “Taking classes to receive my paralegal certificate from AIPS was one of the best decisions I  have ever made for myself. I thoroughly enjoyed every class that I took and would recommend  the program to all those who may be interested in starting or continuing a legal career! I took  the 4 month accelerated program and while this was challenging, I will say that the extra  efforts were absolutely worth my time.”  A.S. July 2012 Grad

 Apply, today!

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