Free Introductory Mini-Course for Paralegal Studies!


Are you wondering if paralegal certification is for you? Curious what it will be like to login to an online course?

The American Institute for Paralegal Studies offers a FREE Introductory Mini Course for prospective students. A new section starts each Monday, and is taught by Institute Director, Annie Fisher.

Here’s how the mini course works:

  • Annie will send you login instructions.
  • You can login and logout at your convenience.
  • Expect to spend between one and two hours on the course, including reading and discussion.
  • The course material is deliberately introductory. Just a chance to nose around and get a feel for how the online environment works.
  • A challenge exercise (optional) is included for those that want dig into some material that is more advanced.
  • Annie will respond promptly to you as you try out the exercises or have questions.
  • Your admissions representative, Janet Russeth, JD, will also touch base with you to see how you’re doing.
  • No grades are assigned. No testing is included.
  • Click here to see a preview copy of the actual mini-course syllabus.

Curious what the course looks like? Here’s a screenshot to give you a visual!

Want to give it a try? Just complete the Learn More form and we’ll get you set up promptly.