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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and so is the February 18th start date for the AIPS paralegal certificate program. So how do the two go hand in hand? According to an American Express survey four million people are expected to get engaged this Valentine’s Day. That translates into a lot of engagement rings!

Are you surprised that the topics of engagement and engagement rings are covered in paralegal school? Yet, the engagement ring has been the center of many cases in family law. That is why paralegal school comes in handy right before Valentines Day and the celebration over a bright and shiny ring. Most states have an anti-heart-balm statute which prohibits people from suing for money based on a breach of a promise to marry. However, the issue of who gets the ring when the marriage is called off is a separate issue from trying to get damages for a breach of a contract to marry.

One of the more well known cases studied in Family law in paralegal school is Aronow v. Silver.  In Aronow, the court found that the ring is a symbol of the coming marriage. As the ring is a conditional gift, if the marriage is called off, the ring should be returned. The court noted that the majority rule that the person who unjustifiably breaks the engagement loses the ring was an old sexist and archaic rule that needed to be updated and changed. So the Aronow court ruled that since the condition of marriage was not fulfilled, the ring must be returned to him regardless of fault. So the lesson learned in paralegal school is don’t get too attached to that ring because you may have to return it!

To find out more information on the Family law course and paralegal school visit the curriculum page of the AIPS website.

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 Janet Russeth, J.D. AIPS Instructor

Janet Russeth, J.D.
AIPS Instructor






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