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The AIPS paralegal certificate program covers all of the major core legal areas

I can decide what area to choose after receiving my paralegal certificate

Many students start their paralegal certificate and are uncertain what type of work they want to do when they are finished. The great thing about getting your paralegal certificate is that you don’t have to choose a major. In the American Institute for Paralegal Studies paralegal certificate program you learn all of the core legal areas such as Torts, Criminal law, Litigation, Family law, Business law and etc.  As you complete the paralegal certificate program, you may find that you love one area over another. For example, you may find criminal law fascinating. If so, then you may want to end up working with a private criminal defense attorney or perhaps on the side prosecuting crimes.  Your paralegal certificate is so versatile and will give you the opportunity to pursue that job in a law firm or with the State District Attorney’s office.

You may want to try the following assignment from the criminal law course in the AIPS paralegal certificate program.

Review the following fact scenario; was a robbery or armed robbery committed?

David drove his car slightly behind a woman walking on the side of the road. When she stopped for light, David reached out of the car window and grabbed her purse. The set of knives that David just won while playing bingo were on the front passenger seat of the car.

The conduct in this case could be armed robbery because all the elements are met. The “dangerous weapon” element is satisfied if the knives are found to be a dangerous weapon and if keeping them on the seat of the car is found to be carried on or about his person. In that regard, an argument could be made that having the knives next to him on the passenger seat were within his reach and were, therefore, about his person.

Now you may be thinking, “Gee, I had no idea what the answer was to that question!”  Well, don’t despair, that is where the experts at AIPS come in. Remember that you don’t have to start your paralegal certificate knowing which area you want to pursue, you just have to get started. 

To find out more information on the Criminal law course and paralegal school visit the curriculum page of the AIPS website ( at


Paralegal School Instructor Janet Russeth

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