Intellectual Property Paralegal


An In-Demand Area of Law

What is the value of something intangible? Can one have exclusive rights to something intangible? The broad area of Intellectual Property (IP) addresses these questions. Attorneys and paralegals who work in IP protect these issues on a daily basis. This area of law is vast; and, the job opportunities within IP are just as vast.

Intellectual Property Overview

IP is a high-demand area of law for paralegal employment. Following are the definitions of the three basic IP areas provided by the IP firm of Brown & Michaels, PC (

  • Patents – A patent is a grant by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office of the right to stop others from making, using or selling an invention in the United States for a limited period of time.
  • Trademarks – A trademark is something used by a manufacturer or merchant to identify the source of goods or services in commerce.
  • Copyrights – A copyright is the right to control and benefit from your works of “artistry” or “authorship”.

Intellectual Property and the IP Paralegal

Who employs IP paralegals, and what tasks do IP paralegals perform? Following is an actual IP paralegal job posting:

  • Docketing

o        Assist in maintaining the internal electronic docket system by entering actions and deadlines into the docketing database

o        Establish and maintain electronic and paper files

o        Prepare regular docket reports for patent practitioners

  • Administrative

o        Report annuity payment deadlines, obtain company practitioner instructions, and arrange timely payment for US and foreign annuities

o        Communicate with outside counsel regarding established company policies and procedures

o        Regularly report on IP activities to leadership

o        Obtain signatures on Powers of Attorney, Declarations, Assignment documents and other formal papers

o        Schedule meetings

o        Prepare the IP group calendar

o        Maintain the patent file room

o        Maintain continuing legal education records

  • Budgeting/Invoicing

o        Work with in-house practitioners to prepare, track, and report on IP budgets

o        Gather past budget data

o        Identify fixed costs such as annuity fees

o        Forecast and track budget with oversight from in-house staff

o        Invoice intake either in paper or electronic form; obtain practitioner review and approval; submit for payment; and resolve discrepancies

The Importance of Paralegal Certificate Training

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