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Is an online paralegal class a fit for you?

The AIPS online paralegal class may fit like a glove! 

An AIPS online paralegal class sounds wonderful, but you’re just not sure it fits you.   You love hearing about the time flexibility, the affordability and being able to wear your pajamas to class.  You just aren’t sure you would enjoy it.  You are used to the traditional brick and mortar building, where there is…or it seems there would be…greater interaction between the students and the professor.  The online paralegal class setup just seems too impersonal to you.  Some online courses may be impersonal, but not AIPS!  Here’s why: 

AIPS online paralegal classes are interactive!

The AIPS curriculum is designed to make an impersonal venue (your computer) personal.  Gifted faculty knows how to communicate in a way that brings the online classroom alive.  Students connect with classmates, and faculty connects with students…daily!  Discussion questions are an integral part of your class grade.  If you believe that heated discussions can happen only in a traditional classroom setting, then you are greatly mistaken.  There have been times when instructors have had to intervene in a discussion, which is awesome!!    

No sitting in the back of an AIPS online paralegal class!

Have you ever walked into a traditional classroom with the hope of finding the seat that is in the very back of the classroom?  You like to “hide” in the back, so you don’t have to participate in discussion.  You’re saying you would never do that?  Good, because everyone has a front row seat in an AIPS online class.  There is no hiding in the back row.  Everyone discusses.  Everyone participates.   Every DQ (Discussion Question, not Dairy Queen) requires prompt and thoughtful response. 

You can choose the time of day to attend the AIPS online paralegal class!

You’re not a morning person?  Well, you can take care of your studies later in the day.  If you like to wake up with the birds…or if your cat bops you on the head at 4:30 AM…you can attend class before you head to work.  It’s your choice!!  

As we have mentioned, the benefits of online classes are awesome, as stated in this Classes and Careers article.  The AIPS online paralegal approach incorporates the best of both worlds:  social interaction and convenience.  Does it fit?  Next class begins March 19!  Give us a call at 800-553-2420!

Online Paralegal Class

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