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Legal Secretary to Paralegal via Online Paralegal Schools

Online paralegal schools provide the law-related credibility you deserve! 

Online paralegal schools:  Perfect for those of you who would like to move to the next level of your law-related career.  We’re going to be addressing all of you wonderful legal secretaries, some of whom have been performing paralegal-type tasks for years.  You deserve to have the title of paralegal.  Correct?!  No, we haven’t been listening in on your internal conversations.   We at AIPS just understand how things work in the legal community.  What you need is your Paralegal Certificate, the credential you receive upon completion of our paralegal program.  

The benefits of a Paralegal Certificate to a legal secretary

We don’t want to add confusion to your internal debate; however, we do want to give you some meaningful points to ponder regarding online paralegal schools and that wonderful Paralegal Certificate.  Consider these potential benefits:

  • Increase in law-related knowledge
  • Increased law-related employment possibilities
  • Increased value to employer
  • Potential salary increase
  • Personal satisfaction 

The benefits of online paralegal schools to a legal secretary

Online paralegal schools train students in a specific skill set, which is the paralegal skill set.  These skills can be used in any career, but let’s return our focus to that of the legal secretary.  How can online paralegal schools help you, the legal secretary?  You may have personal reasons, but here are a few we thought of:

  • Training in your area of law
  • Specialized curriculum
  • Convenient online classes
  • Reinforcement of your law-related knowledge and experience
  • Possession of the credential that proves mastery of paralegal course content 

The AIPS Online Paralegal School Advantage

What are your career goals?  If you are a legal secretary who loves your job and just wants the formal training, then we’re here for you.  If you are a legal secretary who wants to move into a paralegal position, the same applies.  Following is what you can expect from AIPS: 

  • Over 35 years of paralegal training experience – Over 15 years of online paralegal training
  • A relevant curriculum you can apply at work
  • An interactive online format where daily discussion is required
  • A classroom that is open day and night – you choose the best time to attend class
  • A dedicated staff and faculty that provide stellar academic and technical support
  • A Paralegal Certificate to each graduate of the program
  • Certified Test Prep Course for graduates who desire national certification 

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 Online Paralegal Schools


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