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Consider Online – Consider AIPS Online Paralegal School 

Searching for a paralegal school is like a full time job.  It took a whole lot of time and energy just to make the decision that you want to pursue a paralegal career.  Now, you need to figure out which school is perfect for you.  The whole process is confusing, tiring, intimidating; and, you don’t want to think another thought about it until you’ve taken a nap.  We understand.  Take a few minutes, after your nap, to listen to what we have to say about the benefits of an online education and, specifically, about our AIPS 100% online paralegal school.  

The AIPS paralegal school is designed for working adults just like you.  We understand that your schedule is busy and the demand on your time can be almost overwhelming, at times.  We have created paralegal programs with that in mind.  It is totally doable for you to become a paralegal and to earn your Paralegal Certificate, even with a full-time job.  If you want to spread your classes over 8 months or an entire year, you can.  If you want to sign up for an accelerated program, and finish in 4 to 6 months, you can.  You can choose what month you want to begin class.  AIPS believes it is important for you to choose what works best for your schedule.  Not all schools give you that choice.  AIPS paralegal school does!!  We’ve outlined, below, some of the benefits of online studies: 

Why Online?

You will save time

You will save money

You will minimally disrupt your daily routine

You will study from the comfort of home

You can study in your pajamas

You will be able to take your studies with you when you travel 

Why AIPS Online Paralegal School?

Classes begin monthly

Classes are 100% online

Classes are affordable

Classes are designed for working adults

Attend class at any time of day or night

Choose the length of program that works for you – 4 months, 6 months, 8 months or 12 months

Quick response to technical and academic questions

Interactive classroom setting

Secure learning management system 

AIPS wants to answer any questions you may have!  To learn more about our online paralegal school, click here.  You can take a tour, look into our programs or check into cost of tuition.  If you want to chat, call toll free at 800-553-2420. 


The Paralegal School for Adults Like You



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