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March Madness and your Paralegal Career

Have you considered a sport-related paralegal career? 

If March represents basketball more than lions, lambs or leprechauns, then maybe you should consider a sport-related paralegal career!  You may be pleasantly surprised at the job possibilities available to you.  It may take some research and preparation, but what do you have to lose?!  The important thing is that you begin…or continue…your paralegal career in an area that is fulfilling.  

A Sports Law Paralegal might assist an attorney with the following:

  • Contracts – Commercial, employment
  • Sponsorship Agreements
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Organizational constitutions
  • Athlete representation
  • Insurance issues
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance 

Consider the following in beginning a sport-related paralegal career:

  • Contact a sports organization – NFL, MLB, NHL, etc.
  • Contact all levels of sports – college and professional
  • Contact any sport team – baseball, soccer, football, hockey, etc.
  • Look for any law-related position you find interesting 

Every organization has a legal department; a sport organization is no different.  There may be a personnel office associated with the organization, which is where you will find current job openings.  If you feel confident and comfortable with your skills, set up an interview with someone in the hiring department and go for it!  The worst thing that can happen is that you won’t get the job…which you didn’t have before you went in, anyway, right?

Strengthen your paralegal skillset and your paralegal career by getting a Paralegal Certificate!

Your paralegal career will shine with a strong portfolio.  If you want a law-related job, whether in Sport Law or any other area of law, you will interview better with law-related experience, formal legal education and your Paralegal Certificate.  The work force is a competitive place, not unlike the sports arena.  Those with the best skillset are sought after.   Make sure your skills shine! 

How do you get your Paralegal Certificate?  AIPS will provide the relevant paralegal training that you need.  Upon graduation, you will receive your Paralegal Certificate, which will add credibility to any law-related experience that you have.  AIPS classes begin, monthly, so you don’t have to wait until the next quarter or semester to begin.  The affordability and flexibility of our distance learning program is perfect for busy adults.  Call us at 800-553-2420.  Next class begins April 23! 

Following is an account of a Legal Secretary who became a paralegal for the Milwaukee Brewers.  Let it inspire you to move toward the paralegal career that you desire.

Paralegal Career

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