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Students that study at the AIPS paralegal school come from a variety of different backgrounds. In a struggling economy, sometimes you are forced to change careers or maybe even start a second or third one.  There are many people that have medical backgrounds such as RNs, EMTs, physical therapists, pharmacists, LPNs, CNAs and etc. Unfortunately, many companies and hospitals have been forced to downsize leaving the medical profession looking for work. While some that have had long medical careers find themselves mentally and/or physically weary from the high physical demands of the job or unstable work hours. How can someone with a medical background still utilize past experience and be marketable in a new career?

By choosing a paralegal career you can still use your medical knowledge and experience and market yourself with dual skills. Many law firms and legal departments look for paralegals with medical backgrounds. Law firms and departments practicing in medical malpractice, insurance defense, personal injury and product liability want paralegals that can specifically understand medical injuries. It often takes experienced medical personnel to decipher medical records and expert physician reports. The paralegal can help the attorney and offer advice on medical issues in a case.

If you have medical experience and are looking for a career, look closely at the paralegal career.  It is also important to emphasize your medical background on your resume after completing your paralegal certificate to emphasize your dual skills and increased marketability. Greater marketability means more job opportunities and possible higher pay. Yes, you can find great success as a paralegal and still be able to use your medical knowledge!!

To find out more information about how to become a paralegal visit the online paralegal school page of the AIPS website 

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Janet Russeth, J.D. AIPS Instructor

Janet Russeth, J.D.
AIPS Instructor

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