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The Affordable Approach to Paralegal Education

The student loan debt is out of control!  The New York Times calls it A Generation Hobbled by the Soaring Cost of College.  The Detroit Free Press columnist Susan Tomper headlines her article with Student Loan Debt Threatens Graduates’ Financial Future

Where will it end?! 

Instead of figuring out where it all ends, we are going to ride a different train of thought.  A liberal arts education is wonderful, but is it essential for you?   You do not need to saddle yourself with years of student debt.  What you do need is to receive training for the job you want to perform.  What specific training is necessary for your career choice?  In this case, what specific training do you need to work as a paralegal in a meaningful and challenging law-related job? 

 The Value of Skill-Specific Paralegal Training

We understand that this is not an easy decision, so let’s outline a few benefits of choosing a paralegal school such as American Institute for Paralegal Studies (AIPS).


The focus is on the paralegal skill set and not on a broad range of classes.


The relevant curriculum and format enables AIPS to offer affordable tuition rates, including interest free monthly payment plan options with payments starting at $152.00 per month for 24 months.  Earn your Paralegal Certificate without student loans and long term debt.


The AIPS online certificate programs take less time to complete than traditional college programs.

The Importance of Gaining the Credentials

There are several paralegal credentials that are vital to a practicing paralegal.  

Paralegal Certificate Credential

  • Confirms competency in several paralegal subjects and completion of training
  • Allows you to work, as a paralegal, under the supervision of an attorney
  • Adds law-related credibility to your work experience
  • Increases the possibility of qualifying for more paralegal jobs and receiving higher pay

National Certification and Specialization Credentials

The National Association of Legal Assistants 2010 Utilization and Compensation Survey ( found: 

  • Paralegals who earned the CP designation earned more, annually, than non-CP credentialed paralegals.
  • Paralegals holding a CP Specialist designation earned more, annually, than those who lacked that designation.

The AIPS Advantage!

  • 100% Online Paralegal Certificate Program
  • Class begins, monthly, and classes are open 24/7
  • Interest-free monthly payments starting at $152.00 per month for 24 months
  • Paralegal Certificate earned without student loans and long-term debt 
  • Daily interaction with instructors and fellow students
  • Caring academic and technical support
  • Over 35 years of experience

Next class starts August 20!  Apply, today!!

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