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Have you considered national paralegal certification?  Don’t think you need it?  Consider this!  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national paralegal job outlook is good for many years to come.  The paralegal profession is in demand.  What that means is there will continue to be jobs available to those who want to work as a paralegal…and increased competition for the best paralegal jobs.  So, set yourself up as the most qualified applicant.  Following are several reasons to gain national certification, such as the Certified Paralegal Credential through NALA (National Association of Legal Assistants):

  • Attorneys view the credential as a dependable way to measure knowledge and ability
  • The ABA views it as an indicator of a high level of professional achievement
  • Paralegals who have the credential are highly marketable  & usually well compensated
  • Experienced paralegals who have the credential are well-positioned for promotion
  • Only NALA-certified paralegals can use CP or CLA after their name

Make the Effort – Procure the Credential
If you have procured something, great effort has been made.  Don’t shy away from great effort, especially when it comes to receiving national certification.  For complete information about eligibility requirements and everything about the NALA exam, go to http://www.nala.org/Certification.aspx.   Great success requires effort and preparation!

Let AIPS Help You Prepare – Take the AIPS CP Test Prep Course
You wouldn’t go into an intense situation without preparation.  The NALA CP Exam is intense!  But do not let that keep you from taking it.  AIPS can help you! 
What you need to know about the AIPS Certified Paralegal Test Prep Course:

  • Next class is July 6 and runs for 9 weeks!!  Apply early!!  You must complete the prerequisite Judgment & Analysis Workshop prior to beginning the course.
  • The course is free to American Institute for Paralegal Studies graduates who take the course within two calendar years from their originally scheduled graduation date
  • Graduates who are past the two year period may take the course at the alumni rate for a two credit class, plus books and materials.
  • There is a Certified Paralegal Test Prep Course book fee for all students – approximately $230.00
  • Graduates from other paralegal programs may take the course for a fee (contact us for current pricing).

Let AIPS help you gain a career edge!  Click here for more information!         

The next AIPS online paralegal studies program begins on June 18!  Call 800-543-2420 or go to www.aips.com!

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