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National Paralegal Certification:  Voluntary!  Necessary!

Next AIPS Certified Paralegal Test Prep Course:  June 28, 2013

 “The CLA Review Course was a great course! I felt completely prepared to sit for the CLA exam. I definitely wouldn’t have been as confident had I not had the opportunity to review what I learned previously at AIPS. Each section of the exam gave me different concerns, but after finishing the review course, I became more aware of ways to eliminate those concerns. I was able to move forward with positive thoughts knowing all I could do was my best! Turns out, my best was good enough to pass every section of the exam. I owe that thanks to the AIPS instructors and the review course curriculum.”

Andrea Shepard, CLA/CP

April 2013

National paralegal certification is not required of practicing paralegals.  Having said that, national paralegal certification is essential for paralegals who want to remain competitive in this high-demand career area.  If you are a paralegal who desires additional career credibility and credentials, AIPS will help you meet those goals. 

What we offer!

AIPS offers our Certified Paralegal Test Prep Course to graduates who want to sit for the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) CP Exam. 

What you need to know about our CP Test Prep Course!

  • CP Test Prep Course begins:  June 28, 2013 and runs for 9 weeks!
  • You must complete the Judgment and Analysis Workshop prior to beginning the course
  • If you have graduated within the past two (2) years:  No tuition fee
  • If you graduated over two (2) years ago:  $795.00
  • All students pay a book fee – approximately $230.00

The clock is ticking!!!  Take charge of your career and register for the CP Test Prep Course, today.  Call us at 800-553-2420!    


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