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Online paralegal programs are an option…

and will continue to be an option for adults who want to add the Paralegal Certificate credential to existing law-related experience or to begin a new career.  You want to continue your education; however, you lack the funds or the time to attend a traditional night course.  So, distance learning appeals to you…but, you have doubts.

Does this sound like a question you’re asking:  Is it right for me?  We know that it is frustrating to answer a question with a question; so, ponder the following “thought provokers”.  If you feel you possess the following qualities, dilemmas or goals, an online paralegal program probably is a fit for you.      

Points to Ponder!

  • I cannot afford, nor do I have the time, to commute to a night class.
  • There are no traditional colleges or universities in my area.
  • The convenience and flexibility of distance learning appeals to me.
  • I like the idea of learning from home.
  • I don’t want to take classes I don’t need.
  • I like that I can earn a Paralegal Certificate online. 
  • I like that I can take my “classroom” with me on vacation of business trips.
  • I am self-disciplined and self-motivated.
  • I am comfortable with the Internet and email usage.
  • I can learn and recall information from reading, without listening to a professor.

The AIPS 100% Online Paralegal Program!

If we nailed your thoughts in the points to ponder, AIPS is for you!   

  • Our affordable program is 100% online and interactive
  • Classes start monthly and are open 24/7
  • Choose the program that works best for you:
    • General Practice – 4- or 8-month program
    • Litigation Specialty Track – 4- or 8-month program
  • Classes are comprehensive and real-life applicable  
  • Receive personal attention, guidance and support from experienced faculty and staff
  • AIPS has been training paralegals since 1978 –  with over 15 years of online training experience
  • Classes are taught by practicing attorneys and paralegals, including:
    • Business Law
    • Legal Research
    • Litigation
    • Criminal Law
  • Our relevant workshops:

Lexis, Ethics, Law Office Skills, Administrative Law, Writing, Citation, Judgment & Analysis

  • National certification prep:

CP (Certified Paralegal) Test Prep Course for NALA CP Exam

 If distance learning fits, begin!  Next class starts April 22!  Apply now,  or call us at 1-800-553-2420!

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