How to Become a Paralegal


The question of how to become a paralegal has crossed your mind!

Perhaps the process of becoming a paralegal seems intimidating. Wouldn’t you agree that intimidation often comes from lack of knowledge? Knowledge is empowering because it enables us to approach a goal or dream from a realistic standpoint. The process of how to become a paralegal need not be a source of anxiety.   

A paralegal possesses a specific skill set which can be used in many different law-related jobs. That skill set is unique to a paralegal; so, a key piece of how to become a paralegal is to find a paralegal program that understands paralegal skills and knows how to teach those skills. The American Institute for Paralegal Studies understands and has been training paralegals for over 30 years! 

Let’s break down how to become a paralegal by outlining the AIPS process. Hopefully, the following information will lessen your anxiety and heighten your excitement to join this amazing profession. 

  •  Apply to American Institute for Paralegal Studies.
  • Choose the month you wish to begin your paralegal studies.
    • AIPS classes begin, monthly.
  • Go through Orientation.
    • You will be assisted, each step of the way, by an Orientation Facilitator.
  • Master one paralegal subject before moving to the next.
    • Accelerated programs study two paralegal subjects at one time.
  • You are now a certificated paralegal!
  • Apply for law-related positions where you can use your newly-acquired paralegal skills.
    • Your paralegal skill set can be used in a law firm, in a government agency (state or federal), in a court system (municipal, district, superior), in a non-profit organization, or in a corporation.  

And that’s how you become a paralegal!

You may be interested in national certification after you graduate. AIPS provides a CLA/CP Test Prep Course for qualified graduates who want to take the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) certifying exam. Click here to learn more.

 How to Become a Paralegal