Student Testimonials: Success in Paralegal School


The program was thoroughly enjoyable and very helpful in starting a career as a paralegal.  It’s everything you need to know for the CLA exam to become a successful certified paralegal.

Katie Ostroot
Lutz, Florida

I would highly recommend AIPS to anyone who wants to become a Paralegal.  The entire staff is wonderful and the teachers are attorneys who go out of their way to help each student by making sure that the material is understood.  Although this program requires an enormous commitment, it is well worth it.  Achievement, along with the sense of accomplishment, is worth the hard work!  Keep up the great job AIPS!!

Angela Novak
Legal Assistant
Schaumburg, Illinois

 Take the AIPS course!  Don’t bother with other online courses.  The course is a good investment, affordable, and you will get top of the line instructors as well as quick, online tech assistance throughout your course.  Subjects were kept interesting, interactive, which made me look forward to my classes.

Ana Lawler
Tustin, California


This program has truly been an amazing experience! I greatly appreciate the assistance, encouragement and exceptional customer service that you and the staff have provided me with throughout these past four months. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Lauren Clift
Sellersburg, Indiana

AIPS was the perfect program for my busy lifestyle! Because I juggle being a wife and mom while working full-time, I needed a program that would not only give me the knowledge I needed to further my career, but that I could fit into my schedule when it was convenient for me. AIPS provided that and the staff members were incredible to learn from.

Paige Waller
Firm Administrator/Paralegal
Parker, Colorado

I am so happy that I completed this program after being out of school for about four years. This is a huge accomplishment for me and I do plan on furthering my education because the more I know the more opportunities will arrive. I had my mind set on paralegal studies for about three years and this opportunity has truly been a blessing! I have a sense of pride and a bit sad to not be communicating with my classmates as much; it was fun, challenging, fulfilling, and interesting! My professors were great and thanks to them I have a better understanding of law. You guys are an amazing group of people and thanks for all of your help!

Giselle Zapata
Assistant Manager
Herndon, Virginia

Thank you for the whole experience with AIPS! I really enjoyed my classes. I am glad to be done but I know I will miss it.  I don’t know how I will survive without checking the discussions and the grades for assignments, I was always looking forward to it.  That was really intense time but I enjoyed it a lot!  I will definitely recommend AIPS to my friends :)

Magdalena Kaminiski
Legal Administrative Assistant
Downers Grove, Illinois
June 14, 2013

I found AIPS and its instructors incredibly helpful. The knowledge I gained throughout this program truly enhanced my work performance.

Elizabeth Boehler
Tiffin, Ohio

As an alumni of the American Institute for Paralegal Studies, I knew how good the classes and the school itself were, so when I decided to take advanced courses in order to further my career, I knew who to go to. The Advanced Corporate Law Program was incredibly challenging, but I enjoyed every minute of it. From the beginning, I was learning things that I could immediately use in my current position. The staff are amazing and were always flexible when I needed help. I highly recommend AIPS! In fact, I’m already thinking about taking the Advanced IP Program.

Jennifer Story
Greensboro, North Carolina

This program gave a wonderful overview of the various aspects of law. While it was a lot of work, the topics were thought provoking and I looked forward to logging in to see what my classmates or instructors had to say about each topic. 

Connie Ewing
Foreclosure Litigation Paralegal
Plainfield, Illinois

The structure, organization, communication and feedback from AIPS staff and faculty made all the difference in my being able to do well in the program. There was never a sense that I was on my own and that no one would miss my participation if I fell behind. The distance learning software was easy to use and the course study guides were indispensable.

Sally Cook
Hendersonville, South Carolina

This training represents a career change for me — at age 59! I see this work being possible for me throughout my life — as long as my brain works. I am very happy with my AIPS experience

I enjoyed my time as a student at AIPS. AIPS gave me the tools that I can apply in my work place.

Amber Fiedler
Grand Ledge, Michigan

The AIPS staff are wonderful and very responsive to any questions, concerns or problems you may encounter. The instructors are knowledgeable and share real world experiences as it relates to the current coursework. Although I am an adult learner, the online format eliminated any biases that might have occured in a traditional classroom. If you enjoy litigation, pursuing that option is well worth the extra few months.

Pamela Kenniston
Pomeroy, Ohio

I have been amazed at the support offered by AIPS. The director and instructors are very dedicated to taking the time needed to help each student individually. I feel very well prepared for a career as a paralegal thanks to the detailed and challenging instruction given by AIPS.

Kimber Shepard
District Court Records Clerk
Kernersville, North Carolina

Taking classes to receive my paralegal certificate from AIPS was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. I thoroughly enjoyed every class that I took and would recommend the program to all those who may be interested in starting or continuing a legal career! I took the 4 month accelerated program and while this was challenging, I will say that the extra efforts were absolutely worth my time.

This was a great program. I really enjoyed having small classes with a more focused relationship between professor and student. I feel fully prepared to step into my legal career.

Andrea Shepard
Legal Assistant
Shelton, Connecticut

I am very sad to be done. I know that may sound ridiculous, but I found the classes to be informative and very encouraging. I would do it all over again if I could. I miss working with the AIPS staff and my fellow students.

Cindy Jewczyn
Germantown, Tennessee

Thank you all for everything you do. How you’ve worked with me and the flexibility is wonderful. Thank you!

Helen Phillips
Contract Administrator
Fairfield, California

I found all of my courses within the AIPS Paralegal Program to be very valuable and informative. I compared many paralegal programs both online and traditional classroom to that of AIPS and the deciding factor for me was that the AIPS Paralegal Program offered me a mature adult environment with instructor and student interaction.

One of the hardest things about deciding to go back to school as a mature adult was that I did not want to be in a class learning something new with a class full of young adults. AIPS eliminated that fear. I really enjoyed participating in the discussion questions with my instructor and classmates. The diversity in careers/education backgrounds and location (jurisdiction) of each student/instructor made my course work experience much more fulfilling.

If you’re considering taking an online paralegal program, AIPS Distance Learning Paralegal Interactive Program offers a comprehensive course curriculum that stimulates your mind; all courses are taught by actual attorneys (which I found through my comparison of paralegal programs to be rare) who care about providing quality education, clarity in subject matter and your success. Attending AIPS was the best decision I’ve ever made!

Alicia Sledge
Claims Coordinator
St. Albans, New York

I couldn’t have been happier with my choice to go with AIPS. The classes were informative and challenging and the teachers were supportive and knowledgeable.

Jesseca Stromberg
Legal Assistant
Apple Valley, Minnesota

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about AIPS. The knowledge I gained is invaluable, and the entire process could not gone more smoothly. I was hesitant about online school, but I was pleasantly surprised the entire time. Regardless of where my career goes, I will always be happy with the decision to get my paralegal degree with AIPS.

Caroline Cutler
Legal Assistant
Charleston, South Carolina

Thank you so much for everything! AIPS gave me the vital tools needed to work effectively as a Legal Assistant, and I hope to put it to good use as I continue my legal education and simultaneously work as a legal assistant. The AIPS professors and classes are innovative, informative, and give their students and outstanding ability to conduct themselves in a high-functioning manner. Thanks, AIPS!

Laura Margherio
New Canaan, Connecticut

I was very happy with the school. I learned a lot. I also enjoyed the teachers. They were very informative and were always helpful when you had a question.

Cindy Reul
Sunrise, Florida

I just would like to take this time to say THANK YOU AIPS  for providing me with an outstanding paralegal studies education! Prior to signing up for your program, I searched out other programs that were more expensive, but covered pretty much the same course material. It was only at AIPS that I found staff that went out of their way to assist me prior to me agreeing to sign up for the program. Then, after signing up, I was even more impressed with the communication, knowledge, skills, and professionalism I received from the staff while taking the courses necessary to obtain my certificate. The enrollment process was painless and I was able to get started with the program very quickly. I was challenged in every class! All of the instructors have been so valuable to my experience with your program. I just cannot say thank you enough. Not forgetting to mention that AIPS has the program that keeps on giving. The free workshops that you provide have been and are extremely valuable to my career as a paralegal. I am very proud to be an AIPS alumni and I plan to take my advanced certifications through your program once I pass the NALA national certification exam. Thanks again for everything. You all are awesome!

Regina Colbert
Freelance Paralegal
Jacksonville, Florida

I’ve enjoyed my experience with AIPS, I found it very thourough and beneficial. Thanks for allowing me into the program. Everyone went above and beyond to ensure I received the best education possible.

Megan Adams
Big Stone Gap, Virginia

AIPS has put together one challenging program!  My time and effort were worth it, though; I’ve learned more about the law these past twelve months than I ever anticipated. Now that I have more spare time I’m looking forward to being an alumni, browsing archives of the Verdict and the other resources available in the network.

Melanie French
Legal Assistant
Seattle, Washington

I have learned a lot using this certification program; it was a great way to go to school with my work schedule. I was able to work full time as well as be a full time student. I have hopes for the future and this program helped me accomplish what I have needed to in a time period I was looking for.

Izabella Pawlak
Arlington Heights, Illinois

GREAT COURSE. It is especially an excellent way for a full-time working individual to achieve additional schooling. It is intense, but very well worth it. 

Connie Weeman
Security  Analyst
Hortonville, Wisconsin

There were times it was hard to balance taking a full class load, work and home life but I think in the end its worth it. I’m proud I managed to continue my education and I know this will help me find better career options. Also, AIPS was really great and undertanding about life sometimes thwarting my efforts to find internet to log on. This definately taught me, and wasn’t just a throw away online course.

Britta Nord
Legal Assistant
Denver, Colorado

I highly recommend the American Institute for Paralegal Studies Program. This online program is a very professional and informative way to reach your goal in becoming a paralegal. Everyone involved in this program is very knowledgeable on the subject matter discussed each month and are willing to present the extensive material in a way that everyone can understand. Even though this is a online class, the communication with the instructors, as well as other students located all over the country was quite interesting and informative.

I have found during the entire course their main goal is to provide assistance that is beneficial to the student and to make sure all needs are met which I feel was accomplished. 

I enjoyed this program immensely and it is with mixed emotions that I now graduate as a paralegal with a certificate. THANK YOU to all at the American Institute for Paralegal Studies Program that have helped me reach my goal! It has been a pleasure!

Kim Johnson
Cincinnati, Ohio

My classes at AIPS have been thorough, informative, and extremely interesting.
I have AIPS to thank for instilling the confidence in me that I need to change careers in midlife.

Charlotte Jaeger
Independent Contractor
Alpharetta, Georgia

Thanks to AIPS for a wonderful year of great classes, great instructors, and great students! All the best to everyone!  ~ Beth Mauser

Beth Mauser
Lebanon, Ohio

Being a recent resident to the US, I found the need to understand legal as one of my top priority. Hence I took up the course by AIPS. The online method saves me significant time resource as well as having the ability to fit into my heavy personal schedule. It has given me a substantially well rounded view of the US legal system and the various important areas of legal activities. I also believe the importance of this course for one seeking a law career to ensure whether one has the interest and capabilities before investing substantially in graduate law studies. I certainly look forward to being an alumni of AIPS. Thanks so much to Janet, Annie, John and all the behind-the-scenes support staff at AIPS who collectively enabled me to be a graduate of AIPS! :) :)

Lai Kin Wong
Los Gatos, California

I have enjoyed my experience here at AIPS. It was very rewarding and challenging at the same time. The instructors are very helpful and the interaction between students in each class made it so much more interesting! Bouncing ideas off of each other really gets you thinking about all sides of whatever situation you’re talking about and makes for a great conversation back and forth.

Jennifer Rexroth
Paralegal Intern
Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Taking the AIPS’ course has been a great journey, to say the least. I have not only learned law and the aspects of being a paralegal but I have gained new friends, connections and a strong foundation if I choose to go to law school. Moreover, the experience I gained from qualified attorneys and paralegals were invaluable.

Taking courses with AIPS was a challenge; but the benefits far out way any challenges or obstacles. I strongly endorse the AIPS courses for those currently working as paralegals and those looking to become a paralegal.

James Booker
Pompano Beach, Florida

I work in the real estate and litigation areas. Those classes definitely provided much more insight into their respective specialties than I realized. Although I have worked in the litigation field for a very long time, I learned that I didn’t know as much as I thought.

Denise Truesdell
Legal Secretary
Chelsea, Michigan

AIPS has given me a ‘leg up” on every job interview, and each job I’ve had since I began my course of study. I have not held specific paralegal positions, but have been in management. I cannot tell you how often my law studies have been applied to contracts, HR, dealing with elected officials, understanding ordinances and resolutions in business, financial transactions…it seems that every facet of life involves law. It has helped me teach my children in understanding consequences of action (in California, everything is litigious, and this is a good  deterrent when teaching kids another reason why they can’t do certain things that may seem “harmless”). I know that my studies will continue to  pay off by having an edge over others in the workforce, and giving me confidence in my knowledge.

Lisa Argue
Legal Secretary
Emeryville, California

My early pre-course, research [which I might add was very extensive] demonstrated that AIPS was the best choice for any person who wanted to enter the legal field as a Legal Assistant. My experience with the course substantiated my original research and my decision to go with AIPS. I have never doubted for a moment that AIPS is the best in the field. I am truly proud to have successfully completed this great course.

J.B. Oerding
Escapes Unlimited
Capay, California

I was concerned when I started an online program. I felt the courses might go too fast and it might feel too disjointed from the traditional classroom education that I was used to. I couldn’t have been more wrong.Yes, there was a lot of information to take in in a relatively short amount of time, but as I already work in the legal field it was very easy to assimilate. The instructors were helpful and supportive, and although I rarely missed ‘going to class’, when I did I was able to make up what I missed or make arrangements when I knew I had prior engagements. It was just like going to a traditional school but without all the hassle of physical classes.

Another thing that concerned me about AIPS is that the program is not ABA approved. I was concerned that firms would not take the certificate seriously given that it lacked that endorsement. Essentially, not one firm cared that the program wasn’t approved by the ABA. Once I submitted a resume, writing samples and (for those who asked) an unofficial transcript, they were most impressed by the grades I’d earned and my writing samples. I was able to let my progress and success in the program speak for myself. I’m very pleased with the AIPS program and I plan to continue to participate in their programs as an alumni. I highly recommend this paralegal program.

Sherika Collins
Garan Lucow Miller, P.C.
Legal Secretary
Dearborn, Michigan

This truly has been a great experience for me, I pushed myself in ways that I didn’t think possible, and when I was finally finished, I wished that it wasn’t. I will miss logging and seeing who is on and what other people have to say. When I started this I wasn’t too sure how I would do with long distance learning (on-line) and I have to say I surprised myself, I would definitely recommend AIPS to anyone who really wants to learn, who really wants to become a paralegal. Everybody at AIPS was great and willing to go that extra mile to make everything run smooth. For that I thank you and know I will be the best paralegal because of the education that I got at AIPS.

Suzanne Debois
Boston Scientific Corporation
Database Coordinator
Weymouth, Massachusetts

The real jewels of AIPS are John Shaheen with his ever-present, can-do attitude handling any technical matter, and Annie Fisher who calms the first moments of starting school anxiety. She heals the bruises of any brush up during the course and sends you out into the world feeling like you’ve been in the presence of an angel. Hugs to both John and Annie from a soul that needed your gifts and is better for having been in the AIPS student community.

Deb McGregor
VA Hospital; AppleHeart Health Systems
Tuskegee, Alabama

A collaborative, cost-effective, caring learning environment. A place to learn at your pace, your way. Thank-you all.

Ilona Eubank
New Mexico Highlands University
Boncarbo, Colorado

AIPS offers a challenging and rewarding program. The instructors are well educated and very attentive. The courses were more difficult than I originally had anticipated and there was a great deal of reading, which required much more studying than I was prepared to do. However, once I got into the swing of things, it quickly became the norm! If there were ever any issue or problem of any type, it was responded to and dealt with promptly by the instructors and/or staff. The challenges were a great opportunity to get my brain exercised and working again :o)  I gained the knowledge I was hoping to gain when I decided to obtain my paralegal certificate from AIPS. The time and effort I spent in the program was definitely worth a year of late nights of reading and coffee! I would HIGHLY recommend AIPS to anyone who is ready for a rewarding and satisfying education.

Dulcie Ricketts
Ricketts Co., LPA
Legal Secretary
Pickerington, Ohio

For me, taking the paralegal classes with AIPS was a great way to complete the certificate. Being able to work from home or at work really allowed me a great deal of flexibility.
Although we never met face to face, I feel as though I personally know a few of the instructors and some students! Thank you!

Patti Scudero
McDonald’s Corporation
Document Coordinator
Warrenville, Illinois

AIPS is a GREAT school (program) if you’re willing to put just as much effort forth as the instructors and school administrators.

Jessica Bourne
Newark Emergency Services for Families, Inc.
Project Director
Plainfield, New Jersey

As a former law school student, I understand the rigors of studying law. This is no preschool course; if you are a serious student, with serious intentions about a career in the legal field, AIPS is the perfect place for you. You will graduate from AIPS with the knowledge and confidence to succeed in your chosen area.

Dana Helmuth
Andrews Family Corporation
Legal Assistant
Kerman, California

Being a part of AIPS has been a very rewarding experience for me and I would recommend this institute to anyone who is seriously considering a paralegal career. Anytime I may have needed assistance, the staff was extremely reliable and very helpful in every way. After completing these courses, I have a very real sense of accomplishment.

Sonya Smith
Bell Medical Group
Medical Practice Paralegal
Georgetown, South Carolina

Thank you for the time and wonderful instructors that you have found to work with the students. I felt very comfortable and like I knew the instructors on a personal level. Most people are intimidated by attorneys – you guys gave me a new outlook on attorneys – A good and positive outlook!

Delainia Stevens
Williams Law Office
Checotah, Oklahoma

This was a great experience that I am so grateful to have had. I know that this was the first step in my new career and will be the cornerstone of my future.

Michael Damiano
McIntosh, Sawran, Peltz & Cartaya, P.A
Specialized Paralegal
Margate, Florida

Being a part of AIPS has been a very rewarding experience for me and I would recommend this institute to anyone who is seriously considering a paralegal career. Anytime I may have needed assistance, the staff was extremely reliable and very helpful in every way. After completing these courses, I have a very real sense of accomplishment.

Sonya Smith
Bell Legal Group
Medical Malpractice Paralegal     
Georgetown, South Carolina 

The AIPS program provided me a great forum in which to learn legal concepts, research skills and everything I wanted to know about the legal system. The instructors were all very kind, patient, and worked with me to ensure I understood the course material; assignments were graded with a fast response time and comments were provided so that I could assess what I did wrong or correctly on my assignments. In addition, the extra credit assignments provided the ability to “practice” for the upcoming CLA exam; this will be beneficial for me as I plan to take the CLA exam.

This program will help any student develop necessary skills to work as a paralegal, such as critical thinking and legal reasoning skills.

Becca Bishop
Duval County Public Schools
Technical Manager
Jacksonville, Florida

Combined with my law office experience, the classes I took through AIPS will serve both my employer and myself for many years to come. I am extremely happy I chose AIPS over the other possible programs I researched that would have taken 2 – 3 years to complete. While the one year program schedule was quite challenging to keep up with at times, I know for certain it was the right choice.

Leanne Wollenweber
Aurora Loan Services
Castle Rock, Colorado

My overall experience with AIPS was a very pleasant one. My goal was to gain exposure to various types of law, to improve my legal researching and writing skills, and to make me a more marketable and effective paralegal in the future. I feel like I accomplished those goals. I also truly felt like the staff and instructors at AIPS were knowledgeable about all of the areas of law and were truly interested in my success as an AIPS student. Additionally, I loved the freedom to contribute to discussion questions and submit assignments at my own convenience as I am a full time employee and have a busy personal life. Thank you AIPS!

Debbie Quist-Olivares
Adjunct Instructor
Columbia Basin College
West Richland, Washington

Before I took these classes, I did not understand the emotional ties that people claimed to have formed via the internet. Now I do. I will miss the daily interaction with students and the instructors.

Also, as I return to face-to-face instruction at the college level, I am keenly aware of the limited interaction students have with each other in the traditional classroom. I know first-hand from AIPS the value of interacting with my fellow students. Far more learning occurs when a core group of students all work together on a daily basis. Nearly every student had a unique contribution and interesting perspective, challenging me to learn more.

The AIPS program was a great program, and I learned so much in these past twelve months! Even though it was challenging at times to fit in my schooling with my family and full time career, it was worth every minute, and I am so glad I did it. It has been a very rewarding and invaluable experience! Thanks so much to all of the instructors and also to the administrative staff for all of your support and encouragement.

Becky Bartels
Shumaker and Sieffert
Minneapolis, Minnesota

I was very impressed with AIPS! The distance learning aspect made it unique from other programs I researched, and everyone I talked to was so helpful! I always feel like I can call on my professors and advisors if I have a question on schoolwork, or even professionally. The classes fit a lot of information in a short period of time, but are great if you are also juggling work, and a social life! I would recommend AIPS to any busy person looking to continue their education in the legal field!

Vanessa Williams
Zaytoun Law Firm, PLLC
Legal Secretary
Raleigh, North Carolina

I’m glad I was able to participate, learn and earn my certificate. An added plus is that everyone at AIPS is very helpful and encouraging which helps motivate the students. Thank you!

Dawn Travers
The Lane Construction Corporation
Administrative Assistant
Plantsville, Connecticut

This was a very informative program. Even after my 13 years working in law firms, this certificate course has provided me with an abundant amount of information,
that I may have not had access to otherwise.

Alicia Ready
LGE Community Credit Union
Account Service Representative
Dallas, Georgia

This is my second enrollment into a paralegal school and I am beyond pleased with education I received. The first school was not challenging at all and I knew that there was more to being a paralegal than what I was simply reading about.

Chris Baker
David R. Calvert Law Firm
Personal Injury Paralegal
Castle Rock, Colorado

I’m not shy at all about telling everyone I know about the AIPS program. It is like attending a mini law school; every class was relevant and useful. I got more than my money’s worth and I highly recommend investing in yourself through AIPS!

Melissa Voss
Howrey LLP
Legal Secretary
Chicago, Illinois

AIPS has been a great experience that no doubt will prove to be of great value throughout my career. I am incredibly grateful for this experience!

Marie Gallagher
Schiller DuCanto & Fleck LLP
Project Assistant
Lake Zurich, Illinois

On a side note I also wanted to tell you I really enjoyed the placement coordinator, Stephanie Brodin. She was fantastic and encouraged me to leave no stone unturned and make every connection a prospective business connection and to never give up…the perfect job for me was just waiting for me to stumble upon….

Shannon Gonzalez
Recent Graduate
Cooper City, Florida

I really enjoyed my time with AIPS and look forward to applying the knowledge and skills I gained from the coursework to my new career. Everybody, from the administration to the instructors, is amazing and I owe a debt of gratitude for all of their assistance. Thanks for everything!

Karen Stone
FlightSafety International
Export Compliance Coordinator
Austin, Texas

Though I don’t perform traditional paralegal duties, the AIPS classes I’ve taken over the last 13 months have greatly enhanced my existing skillset and provided me with the understanding and resources needed to tackle a remarkable range of problems.

Lisa Dillon
Becky Loar Group
Foreclosure Closing Assistant
Conyers, Georgia


I found my experience with AIPS very rewarding. The instructors and staff are top-notch. If I had any questions they were promptly and thoroughly answered. I think what I appreciated most was I know how busy the instructors and the staff are, yet there was always time to answer my questions.

It was always clear to me that AIPS strives to be the best and a step above their competition. They are dedicated to the goal of providing a quality paralegal education to the serious student. That is good for the profession, the hiring attorneys, and the students. Of course, like anything thing else, the student has a responsibility too. The student will only get out of the program what they are willing to invest in terms of time and commitment. AIPS does their part by screening applicants to ensure they enroll those individuals who are serious about their education.

Barb Skubiszewski
McDonald’s Corporation
Villa Park, Illinois

The AIPS program was perfect for me. It fit in with my work schedule and personal life. And it was flexible in that I had to take some time off to tend to a sick parent without backtracking or losing course credits. I found the instructors to be very knowledgeable, very organized and well-suited to teaching online – a special skill, I think! Overall, I was very pleased with every aspect of the AIPS program. In fact, I have already recommended it to one of my co-workers, who I believe has started the application process.

Jacqueline P. Barragan
Contract Analyst/Assistant Vice President
Fridley, Minnesota

My experience with AIPS has been second to none. The flexibility and responsiveness of the staff have been outstanding. This program offers flexibility to working folks such as myself. Life happens and the staff here at AIPS understand that. The information I gained from each of the classes will assist and enhance my performance in future job opportunities. I would recommend this to anyone interested in learning more about the legal aspects of law. Hats off to AIPS. Thank you.

Annette Rolon
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
1993 graduate

Dear Annie,

I spoke with you on 9/26/08 regarding my resume. At that time, I re-worked the resume using some of your suggestions. I continued to submit resumes and started getting results! All tolled, I count approximately 40 cover letters and resumes which were sent out. Prior to redoing the resume I was only able to schedule 2 interviews. After the revisions, I scheduled 8 interviews and continue to receive inquiry calls.

I am happy to announce that as of Thursday, I accepted an offer with a firm in Norristown, Pa – Kane, Pugh, Knoell, Troy and Kramer. I will be doing Medical Malpractice defense work.

THANK YOU for your assistance with my resume, cover letter and thank you letter. Your help is MUCH appreciated!!


Annette M. Rolon, 1993 Alumni

This program was the start of my new career. When I found my current job, I had no experience in the legal field. But being in the program helped me get the job. My employer had faith in the program, enough to take on an inexperienced student.

Sonya Durham
Chicago, Illinois

It’s great how the curriculum is designed to help the students stay involved everyday. Unlike most online courses where you work at your own pace, AIPS allows you the freedom and flexibility but you must participate so that you don’t miss anything. Therefore, the chances of finishing the course are great.

Chris Irwin
Hudson, Massachusetts

I am very pleased with my experiences in the AIPS program. I feel fortunate to have studied under such learned instructors and consummate legal professionals who took the time to give me the personal attention I needed and insure that I was performing up to my full potential in classes. I feel well equipped to enter into the paralegal profession.

Pam Blake
Bakersfield, California

Excellent, enjoyable, challenging–and realistic educational program. I was extremely apprehensive about changing my career field. I have since found a job as of June 2008, 2 months prior to graduating from AIPS, and so far I truly enjoy this field. Thanks so much AIPS. I do have a favorite quote I try to live by, by George Washington Carver: “How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these.”

Christina Wold
Wellington, Florida

It has been a great learning experience. I never though that I would learn so much with an on-line course, you really feel like you are in a classroom and the instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Erin Armbruster
Aurora, Indiana

My time has flown by at AIPS! The program was even better than I expected it to be. All of my professors have been very knowledgable, and have helped to make learning the material very interesting. All of the professors and staff at AIPS have been very helpful and understanding in times of stress! I am so glad that I chose this program and can now feel more confident about entering a position in the legal field. I will definitely stay in contact and will visit old classmates in the Paralegal Lounge from time to time.

Tracy Henrikson
O’Fallon, Missouri

I really enjoy this field of study and although I work out of my house now to be home with my young children, AIPS has given me the skills and confidence to wow any would-be employer.

I think that the program was challenging, as it should be, and therefore I have learned so much more than I would have otherwise. I think that the challenge of the course work has not only added to my skill set but also to my confidence in this field.

There are a lot of choices out there to obtain an online paralegal certificate. However, I don’t think that there are any with as much value, integrity, or experience as AIPS. This has been a challenging and great year, and I would recommend AIPS to anyone looking to fulfill their dream of working in the paralegal field. I am so much more knowledgeable and confident than I was just a year ago!

Ileana Brignoni
Boca Raton, Florida

The program gives an excellent well-rounded curriculum in the different areas of law. The program has made a difference in my career as I move forward in the field of litigation and on to law school.

I am so glad I selected AIPS for my paralegal certification. It is a valuable education and will help me in my future as a paralegal.

Rachel J. Hostetler
Wooster, Ohio

I am so thankful that I have gone through the AIPS program. It allowed me to accomplish my goal of gaining my paralegal certificate while working full-time. I also would have had to drive at least 45 minutes away (three times per week) to get my paralegal certificate if it had not been for AIPS. I loved being able to log-in and do my schoolwork at my convenience. The instructors were all very nice and helpful, and I enjoyed the wide variety of courses.

Carla J. Sarakatsannis
Cold Springs, Kentucky

I was very impressed with the curriculum and the First Class software, which was very easy to navigate.

Wonderful group of instructors and staff. All so courteous and very eager to help answer any question you may have. They always reiterated, “There is no such thing as a dumb question” and they treated you with respect.

What a worthwhile investment. The staff at AIPS were there to help every step of the way. Working a full-time job, in addition to be a full-time mom, I would have never been able to earn my paralegal certificate in the traditional class room setting. Even though you have to be disciplined and keep up with deadlines, you can log onto AIPS and work at any time of the day or NIGHT (Zzzzzzz)!! It was indeed a VERY challenging year, but I’m so glad I stuck it out.

Jennifer Miller
Legal Secretary
Elko, Nevada

I work as a secretary in a small law office in a small town. As I near the end of my AIPS program, I now know so much more about the work I am involved in on a day-to-day basis. I have learned the meaning and purpose underlying so many of the tasks that I am asked to do on the job, so that now I can bring a more informed analysis to these tasks, instead of merely performing simply as instructed. For example, I can identify errors in attorney work, if and when they appear, and participate in correcting them. I can also make knowledgable suggestions for additions or revisions to work products. I am now better able to discuss work matters with my co-workers and clients from a more substantial knowledge base. I have greater confidence in myself and my knowledge and job performance. And I am enthused and empowered to learn more: I intend to continue taking relevant legal coursework, to further bolster my knowledge and skill base. I also feel more secure about my career future because I believe I now have more to offer potential future employers, if ever I should choose to leave more current position.

Studying with AIPS has been a terrific – and terrifically challenging – experience for me. It’s a demanding program that has pushed me to learn more and work harder than any of my previous years of university study ever did. My successes in AIPS were nurtured by excellent staff and faculty who really know their business and extend themselves personally to students as individual learners.

Tammy Hotaling
Palm Coast, Florida

For anyone out there considering taking a legal educational program, but have small children or active teenagers that make you think it isn’t possible “right now,” AIPS is the way to go. From the administrative staff to the instructors, AIPS has supplied me with prompt assistance, support, and a wonderful amount of knowledge–all on my own time. It allowed me the opportunity to hop online when it was right for me, without disrupting any part of my four year old little boy’s life. Thank you so much AIPS!

News Release from Schottenstein Zox & Dunn Co., LPA
November 4, 2008

Sargent joins SZD’s corporate group

Columbus, Ohio – Schottenstein Zox & Dunn Co., LPA, (SZD) is pleased to announce the addition of Jennifer Sargent as a paralegal in the firm’s Corporate Practice Group. She will primarily serve the firm’s Employee Benefits Practice Area.

Sargent joins SZD from Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur LLP and brings over 15 years of experience working within an employee benefits legal practice. She also has paralegal experience with real estate, litigation and environmental matters and has served as both a legal assistant and retirement plan supervisor and administrator.

Sargent is a member of the Paralegal Association of Central Ohio, the National Federation of Paralegal Association and the Columbus Bar Association. She is also an Ohio Notary Public.

Sargent received her Paralegal Certificate from the American Institute for Paralegal Studies, Inc. and is currently working toward becoming a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist.

About Schottenstein Zox & Dunn:

Established in 1966, Schottenstein Zox & Dunn is a full-service law firm. The firm has over 130 attorneys located in Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio, and Raleigh, N.C., and serves the business community, from large corporations to small, entrepreneurial and family-owned companies.

Melissa Harman, Marketing Manager
(614)462-2307 or

Rachel Elizabeth Putnam
Legal Assistant
Madison, Wisconsin

The fact that I was enrolled in a program and that I was able to complete it without having to stop working to do it, was a huge bonus. Once I have completed the program I expect to earn a little more and to continually earn more as my career advances. The payoff comes not only in the short term, in getting hired at a law firm, but also in the long term because it gives me credibility and a sense of professionalism. I could not have gotten the position as a paralegal without a certificate from AIPS.

Julia Looney
Administrative Assistant, Coldwell Banker United Realtors
Crestview, Florida

As soon as I complete the program, my boss is going to promote me from a legal secretary to a legal assistant. I will also be receiving a higher salary, which is great! From the very first phone call, AIPS staff was helpful and knowledgeable. The instructors are tops in their professions and they made learning fun and interactive. I started the program being focused on one area but soon discovered there are so many avenues available. Thanks to all the staff and instructors at AIPS. It has been a great year!

Carmen Hemperley
Sahuarita, Arizona

If every class had the welcoming staff and instuctors like AIPS, we would be living a society that would be more educated and would change their opinion about school, it really can be life changing and enjoyable. I commend all the staff and instuctors for caring so much about each and every one of their students.

Thank you to all!

Allison Dion
Legal Assistant
Portland, Oregon

As soon as I complete the program, my boss is going to promote me from a legal secretary to a legal assistant. I will also be receiving a higher salary, which is great!

I loved this program!!!

Helen Robbins
Director, Immigration Bureau
Orangeburg, New York

The program has made a difference in my career in that I have earned the respect of my colleagues just by the sheer fact that I am studying to become a Paralegal.

Renee Lathrop
Paralegal Assistant
Phoenix, Arizona

This program was very helpful, convenient and well-organized. The year passes by before you know it!

Ruth Bird
Aberdeen, North Carolina

I started working as a legal assistant about 18 months ago with zero legal skills. I began this program 6 weeks after starting my job. (No grass grows under my feet.) Since then, I have been given new responsibilities and for my efforts have received pay increases of a total of 30% of my starting wage. Being a student of AIPS has given me knowledge immediately that I would have had to learn over time on the job. It gave me confidence to take on new responsibilities and projects and the attorney confidence in my skills. This gives me an advantage, in that, the supervising attorney does not have to spend as much of his billable time instructing me.

Finally, I have a new job title…paralegal!

Teresa Snowden
Macomb, Michigan

The faculty is helpful and caring. The administrative and technical staff are wonderful. When I had a question there was an immediate response.

Melissa Zdenek
Sumrall, Mississippi

AIPS has made me more detailed oriented. I have been in the law field for several years – corporate bankruptcy and now tort litigation, but with the program I was able to obtain some background knowledge on law and how the different areas of law evolved and how the areas affect our surroundings. AIPS has also given me drive!I have more self-motivation and more esteem in myself and my career.

Thanks AIPS, thanks staff and good luck to the new comers!

Lynnette Mazzela
Friant, California

This program has provided me with an extreme amount of knowledge regarding the law that I did not know before. I am able to help the attorney with a multitude of projects and fully understand why I am doing that task. I know that being a certified paralegal will only bolster my marketability in the legal profession and give me an added bonus of greater earning capacity.

AIPS offers a very challenging and informative learning experience for paralegal education. The instructors are helpful and provide excellent feedback.

Mariana Taylor
Hurricane, Utah

It helped me get the opportunity in one year of course work that would have taken me two or more years to get as well as having to drive an hour one way rain or snow to complete.

Best wishes to all. I can’t believe it’s over!

Jennifer L. Hendricks
Contract Administrator, Sr.
Walt Disney Imagineering
Toluca Lake, California

My investment paid off just in the first few months of classes! I was able to get a great position with my dream company making over $17,000 per year more then my last job! Thank you AIPS!!!

Even though the course work was tough, the instructors worked with me to help me understand anything that I just was not grasping.

Chantelle Prestenbach Haik
New Orleans, Louisiana

I have now transitioned from a legal secretary position at my law firm into a full time billing paralegal. My focus is primarily on maritime finance and litigation, as well as some bankruptcy.

In one particular instance I was able to answer a question my boss had about median salaries by state for a pro bono bankruptcy case. He was quite impressed. There have been many more instances since then and he has felt secure enough in my abilities and in the educational training I have received to transition me into a paralegal position prior to my graduating.

Kate Baxter
Assistant Corporate Secretary
Grand Rapids, Michigan

AIPS provides a good educational balance. It is challenging, but set up in such a manner that each success provides confidence to move to the next level within each course.

As I successfully moved through each course, I gained confidence and looked forward to new challenges. In my darkest moments, I knew I could get it done. I’d done it before, just last week, and my AIPS instructor thought it was great!

Kristie Anderson, CLA
Education and Compensation Specialist
Minnesota Department of Education
June 2007 AIPS Graduate
Hugo, Minnesota

I wanted to quickly thank all of you for your congratulatory comments and the very nice box of cookies you sent. I am still on cloud 9 that I passed the CLA exam on the first attempt and I know that a great majority of how and why I was able to do so comes from having wonderful instructors, who made it their priority to help me learn all of the material, not only in the review course, but in all of my courses during my studies. Everyone at AIPS has been so supportive, during my original studies, during the CLA review course, and in between. Any concerns I had about taking courses online, were quickly and completely eliminated from my first conversations with AIPS staff and the entire way through the program. I will gladly recommend AIPS to anyone I meet who is interested in becoming a Paralegal.

Thank you again,
Kristie Anderson, CLA

Andrea N. Sherman
Gloverville, New York

I cannot begin to describe how this program has benefited me. I am so much more confident in my abilities as a paralegal. My boss commends me all the time about my writing and analytical skills. I am so pleased with this program. It definitely is money well spent!

My boss is pleased and thoroughly amazed at how much I have grown as a paralegal over the past year. I enjoy much more autonomy in my position and she is thrilled at how much I have grown in my writing, research and analytical skills.

Where do I start? I want to thank the faculty at AIPS for a tough, but rewarding year! When I started, I was afraid that I would not be able to keep up with the courseload. However, on the contrary, I found myself really enjoying the challenge and I did better than I thought that I would. I can see how much I have grown from this program. I enjoy more autonomy at work. My reading, writing, and analytical skills have improved. The positive feedback that I have received from my boss proves that I made the right choice with AIPS. Thank you all! I definitely will recommend AIPS to everyone I know!!

Brenda Johnson
Mental Health Clinician
Pueblo, Colorado

The program was quite an adventure/journey, or as some say, “a wild ride.” You have no choice but to learn immense amounts of useful information because of the creative way the information is communicated. It helps not only on a knowledge level but it is great for skills: interpersonal, organizational, etc…

Kathryn Cain
Deputy Public Guardian
Placerville, California

AIPS has exceeded my expectations in an on-line learning forum. They continue to be professional and responsive to all questions and needs. Even though the program is all on-line, all faculty have managed to put together a comprehensive learning environment and still manage to provide a personal touch. Every faculty member made themselves available by several methods for assistance. I was continually impressed with the quick responses I received by everyone.

Denise Wynee West
Legal Assistant
Frederick, Maryland

Within ten months of being in the program, I got a job with an attorney as a legal assistant. The job has improved my financial situation and given me the inspiration to peruse a masters degree. This investment will help me to afford a college education for my son.

AIPS has opened new doors in a period in my life when the negative was trying to take over. What is it they say, “when life hands you lemons you make lemonade”? After taking the AIPS program I have made lemonade, lemon meringue pie, lemon cake, and looking for new recipes for the left-over lemons. This program encouraged me day after day to challenge myself and to know that learning is the future. I am looking forward to my next challenge: I think I’m going to get my masters degree!

Rachel Putnam
Legal Secretary/Assistant
Madison, Wisconsin

Hi Stephanie!

First of all, what are you doing at work on a SATURDAY!??!! ;) Secondly, I LOVE MY JOB! I am so incredibly lucky to have a position at this firm! I absolutely could not be happier. The attorneys I work for are very patient and understanding when it comes to my learning curve, especially in terms of how they want things done and have had them done by the same paralegal for 21 years…big shoes to fill. So they have been most accommodating and helpful. It is also wonderful to see the benefit of the work I am a part of when I know it helps people like my father.

I am sure it sounds trite but, I feel it is an honor to work for Lawton & Cates and to be a part of something positive. I am so glad to have had AIPS as my launching board for this career. Without the rigorous curriculum and professionalism of the attorney/instructors, I would not feel prepared for the position I obtained at Lawton & Cates. I can tell already that it will be an incredible career!

Thanks for the help Stephanie!! :) Rachel

Heidi Moreau
Graduating Student
Winslow, Maryland

This program prepared me for the legal field. I did not have any prior experience or knowledge other than my BS in Criminal Justice Administration and I feel I am now well prepared for a career change.

The administrative support was excellent. John Shaheen does an outstanding job. I needed his assistance on a couple occasions and every time he provided me with excellent service.

Michelle Lehman
Legal Assistant
Votorantim Cimentos North America, Inc.

My husband is active duty in the Navy and we have been relocated to Florida from Maine where I spent the last three years with a personal injury law firm. Since our move to Florida I have found employment as a legal assistant with an international cement company within their real estate law division. Had I not received my education from AIPS and been exposed to real estate law I would not have even applied for the position nor been qualified to be considered for employment. Since I was well prepared by AIPS and its instructors, I was hired almost on the spot and will be receiving a 43% increase in salary compared to my previous income in Maine!

My previous employer benefited greatly due to my training. I can remember two instances where I “saved the day” by something that I had directly learned from a class. They were very supportive throughout the year and opened their door to me to sit and discuss DQs or assignments.

Thomas M. Muradian
Graduating Student
Winslow, Massachusetts

My only comments would be to recommend this course to anyone. In 12 short months, you learn an enormous amount of information and are able to retain it because of the way it is taught. I am not a computer wiz and yet I had no trouble with the course.

Gail Joshua
Corporate Paralegal
The Health Law Firm
Sanford, Florida

We have explored every area of law that I needed to know in order to be a successful paralegal. Although I have been in the legal field for quite some time, I can honestly say that I was clueless on how to look up cases, the different areas of law, and regarding motions and pleadings and litigation. I realized that I needed more information in order to understand the legal field, but as quickly as I pick up on things, I was not able to grasp the depth of the legal field – especially when it came to courts and jurisdiction. This was the reason I made this investment. Now, I can honestly say that I am a paralegal with the knowledge needed to assist an attorney in his or her practice. I’ve learned exactly what I needed in order to make my career pay off big time!!!! I can honestly say without AIPS, I may NEVER have LEARNED what I needed to know to be a successful paralegal.

This was the best decision I’ve made in my legal assistant career. Had I not taken the AIPS program, I would have wondered for the rest of my life what more could I accomplish in this field. Now, I know exactly how far I can go, and how to obtain the knowledge I need if I want to concentrate on a certain field of law. Also, I now understand my role and my responsibility as a paralegal. I was driving without a driver’s license, and eventually, because I didn’t read the instruction book, I may have gotten myself into trouble! AIPS has equipped me to do an effective job as a paralegal, and for that, I will be forever truly grateful to AIPS!

Kasee Serrano
Legal Assistant
Butler & Primeau, LLP
North Miami Beach, Florida

I do believe the program has made a difference in my career. During the course of the program I moved out of state and listing my current participation in the program made a huge difference on the outcome of my job search. I am positive it was a factor in my current employer’s decision to hire me, and it will be a benefit to me for any job hunting in the future.

I am really happy with my decision to take the AIPS program and am very appreciative of the knowledge and benefits that I have as result of completing the program. I was referred by an alumni and plan on referring more individuals in the legal community myself.

Sandy Powell
Office Manager/Appraisal Support
Powell Appraisal Services
Winnetka, California

I would just like to say thank you to everyone at AIPS for a terrific program and a great way to learn something new. I came into AIPS with no prior legal work history or knowledge other than “Law and Order”–and a year later I have been given the tools to start a new path. Thanks so much!

Daphne Vasold
Legal Assistant / Paralegal
Accent On Elder Law, Inc.
Towson, Maryland

I have a much better understanding and basic knowledge of all areas of law. Having learned how to research issues properly and cite them correctly has been a huge help when undertaking a new assignment at work. When the time comes for my review in the spring, I am sure having my paralegal certificate will be factored in.

Estates and Trusts and Elder Law electives were in direct relation to the type of law I work in daily. Although they were easier for me, these course did clarify and expand on certain areas that I do not deal with on a daily basis.

The flexibility provided by AIPS has allowed me to accomplish something that I did not think would be possible until my children were grown. If you have any hesitation about joining the program, call me. I am a mother of two boys (ages 3 and 6), a wife, a housekeeper, work full time at a local law firm, just bought a very old house last year that my husband and I have been renovating and still had time to complete my schooling. AIPS has worked with me through every step of the program to ensure I stayed on track, offered me moral support and most of all taught me the law by providing the best instructors. Thank you.

Jackie Rojas-Figueroa
Client Administrator
Metzker Wickersham
Lebanon, Pennsylvania

I have enjoyed taking this program as it has helped me during my professional transition. The professors were great. I would like to thank the staff for the support that was given to me from the first time that I called interested in the program. Thank you all and keep up the great work.

This program has helped me in my current position. As you may know, I moved from NY to PA and the law out here is different. With this program I’ve been able to familiarize myself with the law in PA.

Joy D. Freeland
Swanson Midgley, LLC
Independence, Missouri

I have been doing the work of a paralegal for years. I worked for sole practioner for 15 years and used the title paralegal about the last five. We joined another firm last year and since I didn’t have my certificate, I was told to use the title “legal assistant” which everyone else in the firm used. This was not only for personal satisfaction, but to give myself that little “bump up” to separate myself from everyone else. I know it will make me more marketable in the future and I feel so much better personally!

I am very happy that I chose AIPS for my paralegal certificate. The online program was great for my busy schedule! The instructors were great, too, and easily accessible. One last note, John Shaheen is absolutely wonderful! He always answered my e-mails right away – whether I had misplaced my student ID or had a question – no matter how minor the situation, he answered right away.

Daphne N. Vasold
Legal Assistant / Paralegal
Accent On Elder Law, Inc.
Towson, Maryland

The flexibility provided by AIPS has allowed me to accomplish something that I did not think would be possible until my children were grown. If you have any hesitation about joining the program, call me. I am a mother of two boys (ages 3 and 6), a wife, a housekeeper, work full time at a local law firm, just bought a very old house last year that my husband and I have been renovating and still had time to complete my schooling. AIPS has worked with me through every step of the program to ensure I stayed on track, offered me moral support and most of all taught me the law by providing the best instructors. Thank you.

Sarah Elise Tomberlin
Kenneth B. Moll and Associates, Ltd.
Chicago, Illinois

The program has enlightened and educated me in the many different areas of law and what avenues I can pursue. Before enrolling in this program, I had no education on law and didn’t even realize the passion I had for it. This schooling will help provide me in the future with more secure and advanced paralegal careers that I can apply for – jobs that without the certification, I would not have been qualified to even apply.

I started my job as a paralegal in the fall of 2005 without any former experience or knowledge of the law. As soon as I realized that this was truly my passion and a career that I wanted to pursue, I looked into every possible paralegal certification program available to me. The more I researched, the more I realized that American Institute for Paralegal Studies had the best possible program that fit my needs. Working full-time, the online program has made it possible for me to complete that classes around my busy schedule, and I believe it gave me the best possible education I need to continue moving my way up the paralegal ladder.

Debra Byrne-Mathews
Dispute Resolution Coordinator
Cross Country Home Services
Pembroke Pines, Florida

I believe the benefit of finally obtaining certification in the field in which I have worked for many years will legitimize my efforts and future employment as a paralegal and will rapidly pay off in allowing me to command a higher salary.

Thanks to everyone in the AIPS program, I am able to fulfill my goal of finally attaining certification after many years working in the legal field. As a single working mother of three, other programs would have required too much time away from my family–time I could not afford to give. The AIPS program has allowed me to complete my paralegal education in a shorter period of time, with virtually no time away from my family. I was able to work on assignments wherever and whenever time allowed, and was still able to meet all deadlines with no problem. I am truly grateful for this program that has helped me to complete my education in my chosen career allowing me to command a better salary while taking away little or no time from my family and other obligations. My next step is the CLA exam in December, which will totally complete where I need to be at this stage in my career!

Catherine A. Watson
Global Aero Logistics, Inc.
Peachtree City, Georgia

AIPS has exceeded all my expectations! From my initial communication through graduation, the faculty and staff have been wonderful. The instruction has been excellent, and the instructors have been engaging and responsive. I have been particularly pleased with the classroom set up. I feel l have really gotten to know so many people because of the ease and flexibility of the environment. This program has been a total pleasure. It has also given my the skills and confidence to expand my responsibilities, which will result in a promotion upon graduation.

I think this is a great program. I feel prepared and confident to move forward in my career. I am actually kind of sorry that I am reaching the end of the program! One thing I might suggest is the possibility of even extending the program so the student doesn’t have to choose between staying with the pre-selected courses and one of the alternates you offer. I elected to take Criminal Law with Randy Carroll instead of Bankruptcy. I would have liked to take both of them, but I just couldn’t pass up Criminal Law.

Kristie Anderson
Education Specialist II/Quality Compensation (Q Comp) Specialist
Minnesota Department of Education
Hugo, Minnesota

This has been an amazing experience. I wasn’t sure how an online program would work for me after having been a classroom teacher, but I really enjoyed it and I have learned so much.

Linda Ells
Graduating Student, 07/2007
Bolingbrook, Illinois

John and Annie,

You have both been extremely wonderful throughout the program. From the beginning, you’ve been supportive and helpful and always encouraging. I feel truly privileged to have been a part of AIPS and to have had the opportunity to work with you. If everyone looking into paralegal school knew they quality of the staff, there would be no other paralegal school out there! Thank you.

Jennie Lacy
Legal Assistant
Dallas, Texas

I am working at a law firm. Being employed in the legal community has been a lifelong dream, and now it has been accomplished. It gives me better hope that I may go further and become a lawyer years from now.

I just really enjoyed taking the classes. I loved how they were challenging, and not just another easy class since it was online. It truly helped me accomplish a dream to enter the legal field that I thought had long been forgotten, but I made it through with the ease of signing on and doing the work anytime within the guidelines of the due dates. The class discussions were the most fun in trying to rile up the class or just being passionate about your position on an issue.

Rita Jenkins
Law School Student
Franklin, Tennessee

Dear Annie,

I want you to know that I received my letter of acceptance from Nashville School of Law! I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!!

I AM IN!!! Classes start mid-August.

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to realize that I still have a passion for the law profession. I am proof that it is never too late to continue following your dreams.

Kelli Ann Leifeste
Supervising Secretary
Lutsent, Minnesota

I am very glad I found AIPS and became a student here. After twenty-two years of doing legal work, I thought I knew a lot. But I learned so much more at AIPS than I could have ever imagined. I’ve recommended AIPS to others. If they decide to become a student at AIPS, I hope they enjoy it as much as I have.

Heather Shade
Lebanon, Ohio

This program is challenging and rewarding. I have never taken an on-line class before and I was suprised at how much more work it is than going to class in a classroom. I have an Associates degree in business and it was a breeze compared to the schedule for this class. I am not complaining and it was worth it. My sister thought I had it made because I did not have to attend classes, but I quickly let her know how challenging it is and how disciplined you have to be. I am so glad that I took these courses and am so glad that I am finished.

Angie St. Martin
Portland, Oregon

This has been a great experience, and I would wholly recommend this school to anyone who is seriously committed to becoming a paralegal or to those non-attorney legal professionals (such as land use planners, investigators) who want to expand their knowledge of a law office.

Sharon Staley
Real Estate Paralegal
Franklin, Tennessee

The year literally flew by! I sit back and think about how much I have learned, and I am amazed! My sincere thanks to the entire staff for all of the support and encouragement. AIPS worked for me!

Until enrolling in AIPS, my sole experience in the legal field was in real estate. Now I have a much greater understanding of American jurisprudence in general and various specific areas of the law that give me a more well-rounded background.

Kerri Richardson
Patent Prosecution Paralegal/Client Administrator
Lockport, Illinois

I got a really good job with an Intellectual Property firm in downtown Chicago. I was promoted after three weeks. I am given a lot of different duties that directly relate to what I learned in my IP course.

I leave AIPS a smarter individual with a well-rounded education to assist me in any field of law I choose. The courses were well put together and I learned and retained so much information.

Kathryn Cain
Current Student
Placerville, California

Kathryn Cain writes:
I was just having a conversation with my husband and making statements to him about the program and decided that I should let you know. Too many people in this world take the time to complain and not enough take the time to say, “Thank you.”

I was just telling him how I am continually impressed at how well the AIPS format works. I have been to a Major University, two Jr. Colleges, and an offsite accelerated program through Chapman University. I have enjoyed all formats of my education and have learned so much. However, AIPS has really kept me on my toes. I have participated daily, learned an immense amount of information in a short amount of time, and really enjoyed the fact that I can fit this style of learning into my busy life. I have just returned from a two week road trip with my family and was able to continue my education through this format. Although this program is extremely time consuming and challenging, I am thoroughly enjoying it.

All of the staff have been professional, most respond almost immediately and I just thought you should all hear how truly satisfied I am so far. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
By the way, Dorene, thanks! I still think of you often.

Kathryn Cain

Jennifer Hendricks
Current Student
Toluca Lake, California

Congratulations to Jennifer Hendricks, our latest AIPS success story!

Jennifer was hired as Senior Contract Administrator at Walt Disney Imagineering in Glendale, CA. Following are some comments from Jennifer about her new position:

I am loving my new job! I hope that this is the company I retire from. I am a huge Disneyphile!!!! I have interaction with our General Counsel on a pretty regular basis and he is asking that I take on more responsibility, which is awesome. Earlier this week he gave me an International contract to review and brief him on. We went over it and of course I was too nit picky, but it is better to point out too much then not enough. But I learned something about English Law in the process. He chose me to do this because of my background as well as my schooling with AIPS.

The best part about my job itself is that I truly am working as an International Sr. Contract Administrator. I am writing and negotiating contracts all over the world. I love it! My AIPS training has played a part in me getting this job and I am taken more seriously by my co-workers too. Once I have this certificate I will be framing it and putting it up in my office! I will also be the only Contract Administrator at Disney who is also a Paralegal. We have a ton of Paralegals and quite a few Contract Administrators but none of them are both.

Lisa Smithson
Legal Assistant
Moorseville, North Carolina

Because I took a job as a beginning legal assistant at the same time I enrolled in AIPS, I’ve often considered how far along I’d be without AIPS. I feel that I have such a vast knowledge of the most utilized areas of law, and that when I earn my national certification I will have surpassed that level four times over. With one year of hands-on career experience and one year of extensive course education, I will soon be able to market my skills on a national level: well rounded, well documented, and hopefully higher paid!

Vanessa Victor-Everett
Graduating Student
Richmond, Illinois

AIPS has an excellent curricula, with outstanding instructors! If I had to do it all over again, I would!

Jamesetta J. Russell
A/P and A/R Supervisor; Contracts Manager
Vacaville, California

This course made it very easy for someone working full-time. I also enjoyed the ability to contact and talk with Annie and John whenever it was needed. They were the reason I was able to complete the course and not give up.

Erin Corbin Meszaros
July, 2000 Graduate
Atlanta, GA

I wanted to let you know that Erin Corbin Meszaros, who received her paralegal certificate from the American Institute for Paralegal Studies, was promoted to CMO of Atlanta-based firm Powell Goldstein’s marketing department, with responsibility over the Atlanta, D.C. and Dallas offices. Pasted below is the release with more details.

Please also let me know if you would like images or any additional information.

Thanks for your consideration,

Genna Gaddy

Jackson Spalding for Powell Goldstein
Image Creation, Cultivation and Communication
P 404.419.9347
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Powell Goldstein Names Meszaros Chief Marketing Officer

ATLANTA – Powell Goldstein LLP announces the appointment of Erin Corbin Meszaros to Chief Marketing Officer with responsibility for the firm’s marketing initiatives in its Atlanta, Washington, D.C. and Dallas offices. Previously, Meszaros was director of marketing for the firm’s Atlanta office.

In her expanded role, Meszaros will lead the firm’s Business Development and Client Services Departments in the implementation of its 2007 strategic plan. Meszaros will direct Powell Goldstein’s firm-wide marketing strategies, public relations efforts and advertising programs.

Meszaros, who joined Powell Goldstein in 2005 from Lord, Bissell & Brook LLP, earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Ball State University. In addition to her duties at Powell Goldstein, she is the current Chapter Presidents’ Liaison of the International Legal Marketing Association, a position she now holds after serving as president of the Southeastern Legal Marketing Association in 2006.

“Erin’s increased responsibilities are well earned and exemplify her marketing leadership within our firm and the legal industry as a whole,” said James J. McAlpin, Jr., Powell Goldstein Chairman. “We have tremendous confidence in Erin and the team she has assembled to continue to market Powell Goldstein with the highest degree of expertise.”

Powell Goldstein LLP was established in 1909 and has nearly 300 attorneys who provide legal counsel to clients in a wide variety of practices from offices in Atlanta, Washington, and Dallas. For more information, visit or call 404.572.6613.

Jeni Christopher
Freedman, Anselmo, Lindberg, and Rappe, L.L.C.
Warrenville, Illinois

I plan on attending Law School in fall 2008. I have already finished taking the LSAT and am almost done with my application documents.
With a little dedication, and the right tools, you can do anything. American Institute for Paralegal Studies will give you the tools, the rest is up to you!

Andrea Lord
High School Teacher
Buffalo Junction, Virginia

Parting is such sweet sorrow! This has been the most wonderful year. AIPS is so much more than I ever thought it would be. Great faculty and staff and fabulous students. I truly want to go on and on – it is like an addiction!

Janice Strotheide
Contract Administrator/Construction
Munie Greencare Professionals
Carlyle, Illinois

I thought all the instructors did a great job of providing feedback to any questions we had. I also found it very beneficial to hear about some of their real-life legal experiences during the program. It is like anything you learn. Books can only teach you so much. Applying that knowledge in the real world is a whole other matter. Hearing how the concepts we are learning about apply to real-life cases is always fascinating. I am also glad that in the program we research statutes and cases from our home states. This is a great way of helping us to become familiar with our state laws and how our courts deal with certain situations.

Jamie-Lynn Burns
Recent Grad
Corum, New York

The program was one of the best educational choices I have ever made. While it was mentally trying at times, it was extremely fulfilling and the proof is in the constant feedback I get from my employer about how much my work has improved over the past year. Thank you AIPS!!!

Syd Kimball
American AgCredit, ACA
Windsor, California

I highly recommend AIPS. The curriculum is as rewarding as it is challenging. I also never felt that I was a number in the crowd: the folks in administration and my instructors were always there to lend me the support I needed anytime. On top of that, the classmates I had in each class were terrific and I will miss interacting with them in the Discussion Question folders!

I learned as much from them as I did from the textbooks. While I’m excited to graduate, I am so sorry that I will not be involved in the classes any longer. I can’t say that about any other learning institution I have been to.

Melissa Welsh
Recent Grad
North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

The program is helping me to embark on an entirely new career. I never imagined how much I was about to learn as I started this program. I have spent the last year being able to speak “fluently” to my husband, who is an attorney. I will start working for him right away. Although I realize I have much practical experience to gain, I certainly feel comfortable with the foundation I have received from AIPS. I feel confident about my new role. I also firmly believe that ANY form of education is an investment that will always pay off. If things don’t work out at the family firm, I feel I could take what I have learned and apply it in so many places and in so many ways.

I feel so lucky to have found AIPS when I did. I just thought becoming a paralegal would be interesting, literally stumbled across AIPS, and it just seemed perfect. I could work around my busy schedule from the comfort of my own home, and attain a valuable and practical education in paralegal studies. I found that if I applied myself and managed my time effectively, I would excel in what was a very challenging program. I am grateful for the opportunity, and I am thankful to the staff and faculty for providing an atmosphere that is conducive to adults wishing to further their education. I cannot put a value on what I have received from AIPS.

Krista L. Pickens
Pickens and Associates
Holladay, Utah

My experience with AIPS over the past year has been transforming. When I began the course, I had serious doubts about my ability to “kickstart” my 53-year-old brain into learning mode. Once class began, the questions and the insight provided by the instructors and my classmates were extremely educational and thought-provoking. The fact that I could read and consider my own answers before submitting them to the class helped me organize my thoughts and responses to convey what I meant – most of the time.

And the writing! As I look back at my writing skills when I began this course versus now, I feel very impressed with my improvement. My confidence level has changed my reaction to a final essay question from groans and confusion to a sense of hopeful anticipation and control. The writing tools and experience AIPS provided through the courses are the reason for this. Thanks again, to all of you at AIPS. This has been a positive, challenging, and wonderful experience. The skills and the knowledge I have learned from this program will serve me through all aspects of my life. My now 54-year-old brain is exercised, focused, and ready to go!

Cheryal Heppner
Operational Director
Blimpie North West
Mounthare Terrace, Washington

AIPS has been a life-saver for me!!! After I was widowed, I faced having to learn a whole new set of life skills. I went to college; however, my late husband typed all of my papers and I had never used the computer. So imagine my fear that first week when I took the Lexis class at the encouragement of my mentor. During that first class I wanted to quit so many times!!!! However, my classmates and Karen, my mentor, encouraged me countless times to keep going. I pressed on and have learned so much.

Janna helped me learn how to write; I do have more confidence to write and I know how to use the grammar bible as my guide. As the months went on, I had more confidence and started to relax and have fun.

WOW!!! I can’t believe that it is time to graduate! The best part is I really want to keep learning: imagine that at my age! I want to take the advanced courses and I can’t wait to get my first job in the legal field.

Rita Jenkins
Recent Grad
Franklin, Tennessee

Every class was invaluable to me. I had no idea how much I would learn when I started this class last August. I was primarily doing it for my own enrichment. Now, I am planning to either become a lobbyist, or go to law school. Either way, everything I learned here is beneficial.

This program is incredible. I looked forward to signing on to the network at least once every day. I didn’t realize how much I could learn, including my local laws, where and how to access local court/legal information, etc., all while doing everything online. I wish there were a lot more programs available using this type of learning. It suits my lifestyle perfectly.

Becky Durio
John A. Mouton, III
Opelousas, Louisiana

I faced some serious hardship while starting my life over at middle age with two children, after losing my marriage and chosen profession. At one point I had to stock shelves at Lowe’s just to keep the lights on. Now, however, I know I will never again be in that situation. I am now qualified in a new field that has a high demand for skilled employees. It’s a great relief to know I can always provide for my family, no matter what. The cost of the program is totally justified by the empowerment and security that comes with knowing more about the law and knowing you have the professional skills to get and keep a good job.

Dawn Sheffield
Legal Assistant
Marchan Law Offices, LLC
Racine, Wisconsin

AIPS gave me the credentials and knowledge I needed to successfully transition into a new career field. I couldn’t have done it without the training and resources I got from this school. I have met several successful paralegals in the “real-world” who got their training at AIPS.

The program helped me get my foot in the door in the legal field. Once I graduate, I’m sure it will help me move on to an official position title as “paralegal.”

Debi Crow
Legal Executive Assistant
Jardine Lloyd Thompson LLC
Tomball, Texas

This has made a huge difference in my job. My employer is VERY glad that I have taken this course and he can see the difference in my knowledge of the law having taken this. He said if (when) I pass my CLA test I will receive a 20% pay increase immediately. Wow!

I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that you could have done differently. I think this is a great in-depth study into most areas of law the average paralegal will be practicing.

Kimberley Place-Gateau
The Law Office of Eric Holk
San Diego, California

I feel confident that it was my enrollment at AIPS that got me my current job. I have a Diploma in Advanced Legal Studies as well, and that may have gotten me the interview, but the hands-on training I was getting at AIPS definitely helped me nail the interview. I also got a lot of help preparing for my interview from John and Michael; they both sent me material to study and prepare with.

The AIPS education is a great investment. Not only is it a great value, it is very marketable. You will learn skills that you can immediately put to use. It is a great addition to a bachelor’s degree!

Janna L. Glavan
Best Law Offices, P.C.
Norfolk, Virginia

Even though I had several years of legal assistant experience before I started, the program has already made a difference in my career. I’ve been able to demonstrate my new knowledge and skills, and my boss has assigned me new and increasingly complex projects as a result. Being able to speak intelligently about different areas of the law in general and knowing where to look for additional information has been very valuable in the workplace.

AIPS has broadened my legal horizons considerably. I started the program with several years of legal assistant experience, but AIPS taught me a great deal about different areas of the law, and the research and writing skills I developed through the program have already been put to good use. AIPS has definitely given me a professional edge and I’m glad I completed the program!

Penny L. McCracken
Legal Assistant
Wilson and Lantz Law Office
Cameron, West Virginia

AIPS has been one of the best things that has taken place in my life. I learned a great deal from them. It has been an exciting challenge and a great experience. I recommend it to everyone I speak with. All of my friends are very proud of what I have accomplished in the last year. Being able to take these classes in the comfort of my own home is fantastic. No travel, parking or gasoline problems. It is the best.

Kimberly A. Christiansen
Legal Secretary
Sheridan Ross P.C.
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

I have received significant monetary benefits in both my current and previous job. In my previous job (litigation), I was promoted and given a significant pay increase. In my current job (patent prosecution), I was allowed to change areas of law, learn new skills, and make the move with taking a cut in pay.

This program was essential in allowing me the opportunity to get my paralegal certificate. I worked crazy hours, and never was sure of the days/times I would be available for classes. This program allowed me to work full time, travel extensively and STILL obtain my certificate. A traditional program never would have worked in my case. I think AIPS is absolutely the best!!!!

Kathy Johnson
Technical Writer
Double-Take Software (formerly NSI Software)
Oldsmar, Florida

It is amazing how much I have learned in the last year. I think this program is excellent. Thank you!

Dawn Major
Loan Representative
Woodstock, GA

I usually judge the quality of what I learn by how challenging I find it. This program did not disappoint me. It was tough. I gained discipline on top of knowledge. My fears of taking on an online program quickly vanished. This program is so well structured. I have never experienced this type of order in any of my college classes. The staff is prompt in responding to questions, and the instructors are there for you. Thanks so much!

Linda Kaplan Kielek
Legal Analyst
General Counsel Department, WTO
Vernon Hills, IL

This program has been phenomenal for me. I have learned to think from a legal perspective, developed a new frame of reference and language, and realized that I have a strong skill set on which I can rely. In other words, I can trust myself to do a good job and to ask the right questions.

Thank you! It’s been a wonderful experience. The instructors were always responsive and available. They were all also very flexible.

Cheryl Ann Booth
Contracts Paralegal
Vernon Hills, IL

I must admit that I was hesitant about the thought of earning a degree online (it seemed so untraditional), but felt this was the most viable option because of my work schedule at the time and could not commit to driving HOURS away to attend classes (I’d probably miss more classes than I could attend). After a few classes…I realized it really was not much different from traditional schooling. I made “buddies” in each class…and still keep in touch with them too! I also researched quite a few programs online, and must say that Marilyn was a primary reason why I decided to choose to pursue my degree with AIPS. She was WONDERFUL and incredibly supportive to my needs. I chose to make a radical career change and was unsure at the start if I had made the right decision. In the end, I believe I made all the right decisions…especially in choosing AIPS! BOTTOM LINE…The instructors are top notch in their profession and brought out the best in me. The curriculum was very well rounded and challenging at times (especially for a lay person like me), but I persevered and learned SO MUCH!

Mary DePew
McDonald’s Corporation
Administrative Assistant
Oak Brook, IL

I support one lawyer, two paralegals, and various international general counsel and outside counsel with regard to corporate governance for all international companies in 118 countries, including document authentication of documents for use in other countries through Secretary of State’s Office and various consulates/embassies; draft or prepare of letters, memos, e-mails for a variety of purposes; assist in obtaining signatures on various documents re corporate governance from officers and directors of all international companies, and update database regarding company, officer and director information; send requests to and coordinate responses from Latin America and Canada in-house general counsel, division presidents and controllers concerning SEC due diligence certification on a quarterly basis; occasionally coordinate arrangements for Legal Dept. members (both U.S. and international) to attend in-house seminars; and prepare agendas and coordinate schedules for visiting international attorneys/paralegals.

All I can say is that this has been a wonderful program. The amount of information that I’ve learned substantively has been mind-boggling, but the program has also been beneficial to me in several other areas, including organizational skills; motivation; thinking and analyzing more quickly and efficiently; and communicating in a more objective manner even when the topic is emotionally provocative or when the conversation gets intense. The DQ’s were invaluable with the latter. Last, but certainly not least, the staff and instructors have been amazingly accessible, helpful and supportive. I did not expect this with an online program and was most pleasantly surprised.

Michelle Flaugh
James R. Hartke, Esq. and Rodger N. Walk, Esq.
Legal Assistant
Cincinnati, Ohio

The program has enabled me to truly understand what I do for my attorneys. It has added depth to my knowledge and understanding to my job. I have been able to utilize my newly acquired research skills and have impressed my bosses. I believe I will be more marketable when and if I decide to change jobs.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the AIPS program and would recommend it to someone wishing to pursue the paralegal career. I have been able to add many skills to my “toolbox” and discover my true calling as a paralegal. Additionally, I have been able to pinpoint my interests in the types of law I like to work in and can use that as a measuring stick for future job opportunities. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the experience.

Kathy Jones
Elko County
Public Guardian
Elko, Nevada

I have learned so much. It has enhanced my ability in my current job to be able to conduct my office in a professional manner and benefit my clients to the utmost. Knowing I have my paralegal certificate has provided me with job security and satisfaction. I have been taught to have a strong work ethic and values. I wanted to promote a greater recognition and acceptance of my office and my employer. I am so proud to make a difference in my legal community.

My employer and supervisor have expressed that this will do nothing but enhance the Public Guardians office in the county. I have also gotten feedback from the network of professionals that I work with everday and they have expressed nothing but great benefits to my position.

AIPS offered me a variety of legal topics to study, allowing me to sample a variety of legal fields. My teachers, whom were very expericenced, were able to provide first-hand knowledge of the everyday duties of a paralegal. I send out a heart felt thank you to all of the staff and faculty that have helped me develop along the way, for they have provided both instruction and inspiration.

Danielle M. Schroeder
Cubbon & Associates
Legal Secretary
Toledo, Ohio

This program was awesome! I truly enjoyed the classes, instructors and other students. I leave not only with my paralegal certificate but with friends from around the country. AIPS provided us with all of the tools necessary to understand the coursework and successfully complete the program. One of the most useful tools that AIPS provided to new students was a mentor. I want to thank my mentor, Karen Santagata, who has been the greatest source of information about the program, providing little tips, answering all of my questions and always giving me reassurance when I doubted my ability.

I leave this program confident in my abilities and look forward to advancing from a legal secretary to a paralegal.

Armento A. Kirkland
Gartmore Global Investments
Conshohoken, PA

I have much more confidence in my work product on the job. Also, I have been able to obtain a new paralegal position as of July 18, 2005 with another mutual fund company, paying a greater salary and providing expanded paralegal responsibilities.

The attorneys at my previous job and at my current place of employment have noted the marked difference in my level of confidence as I approach various legal projects and assignments. I verbalize my thoughts much more often because of the training provided by AIPS. Although I’ve been performing various paralegal work since 1995, the attorneys are entrusting me with much more responsibility since I’ve begun taking the AIPS courses.

Participating in the paralegal certification program is the best thing that I could ever have done for myself, personally, academically and professionally! Thank You!! So Much For All Your Support!!

Valirie Monahan
Calvary Temple Worship Center
Modesto, CA

What a tremendous experience this was for me. I initially started AIPS simply to obtain my paralegal certificate after working in law for over 20 years and was really only looking to get that piece of paper. Once I started the classes though, I quickly realized there was so much more to learn. Within the first month, I felt as though all the pieces of a very large puzzle were beginning to click into place, and certain aspects of the law began to become very clear. During the next twelve months, I was always challenged by my instructors and was constantly encouraged to look at a legal issue from every side in order to come to a decision on that issue. My fellow classmates always made me think and then rethink my position, and I learned almost as much from listening to them and discussing our assignments as I did from the teachers. I can’t say enough about this entire experience. I would encourage anyone to go through this program. The entire faculty and staff have been nothing short of tremendous, and I want to thank you all for this tremendous opportunity.

Judy Johnston Peters
Administrative Assistant, III (Soon to be Paralegal I)
Dallas, TX

One of the attorneys I work with really enjoys discussing my classes. The other one utilizes me more for paralegal work, and I think she sees the benefits more because she gives me increasingly more work.

I can’t believe how fast a year can go by! This course has been very rewarding, personally and professionally. It has opened doors for me that would have otherwise remained closed.

I guess my parting words would be that you get out of AIPS what you put into it. You’re given all the tools, all the texts and excellent instructors who go out of their way to be accessible to you. If you’re lucky enough to be able to take advantage of an opportunity like this one, strive to make it as worthwhile as you possibly can.

Christi M. Vegas
Law Office of Janet Poe
Sacramento, CA

My favorite classes were Legal Research and Writing, Legal Writing, Lexis Workshop and Family Law. I learned from each course and felt that all courses were valuable.

In my opinion, Janna was my toughest instructor; however, I feel that I learned the most from her and she inspired me to do my best. I believe she was my instructor four times and two of the four (Family law and ADR) I actually received a “Certificate of Distinction.”

I would love to speak with prospective students regarding AIPS. It was one of the best choices I have made and wish that I would have done so a long time ago.

I just wanted to say thank you to Doreen Fink, John Shaheen and Annie for all of the support and help throughout the course. My first contact was Doreen and she was wonderful, I felt like I actually knew her my whole life. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. She actually held my hand and was WONDERFUL. John was also wonderful as I called him many times panicking. He never acted irritated or put out (even when he was on vacation). I really appreciated that. Annie….last year when I had my surgery was my first contact with you and again, a very pleasant experience. I would like to thank each of you for all of your help and support. Last but not least, I would like to thank Janna for being tough on me and inspiring me to do my best. THANKS AGAIN!!! AIPS was a great experience.

Lisa M. Gentri
Bevan and Associates
Settlement Paralegal
Northfield, Ohio

Today I was given a raise and promotion. I can’t say that it wouldn’t have happened anyway, but the temp agency that originally got me the job for a few weeks certainly would not have hired me without this schooling. The temp agency dealt with legal staff only. As it was, it was hard to even get in the door. I ended up in the file room but now I am the docket coordinator and the settlement paralegal (as of Monday!)

…As an “older” student, I was scared half out of my whits that I would not be hired. But I feel much more confident now about making a living in this field. My wage is not where I want it to be, and I may look elsewhere as time goes on, but the experience is absolutely something I must have, and the certificate really boosts the hiring power!

…Having the ability to start a new career because of the online opportunity given to me made all the difference in the world. I could not go back to a school building for many reasons. And now, thanks to technology, I don’t have to! I found it very easy to stay in contact with the instructors, and never had a problem when I needed extra help. It was a great experience and I am grateful!

Aimee Buckley
Naperville, IL
Graduating 10/30/05

Going into the AIPS program I was incredibly excited, yet unsure about the quality of education. After my first class, I knew I had nothing to worry about. I am amazed at how much information is put into each four week class. So much valuable information, in fact, that there is no way you could not learn something! I cannot say enough about how wonderful the program is, how diverse the curriculum is, and how fabulous the instructors and staff are at AIPS. My experience has been 100% positive and I am so glad I chose this program. I think about how I thought about going to a local college to take a 12 week course. I cannot imagine that such a program could even compare to what I received through AIPS. Thank you AIPS for allowing me to be a proud member of your student body.

Karen Eastburn
The Law Office of Edward F. Wallace, PC
Legal Assistant
Westford, MA
AIPS September, 2005 Graduate

I have greatly enjoyed the program at AIPS. It is definitely a challenge and I believe you get out of it what you put into it. If you work hard, contribute to the discussion, ask questions, and continually strive to do a great job, you will greatly benefit from the program. The instructors are very knowledgeable and expend a lot of effort to answer every question and make each student feel at ease. I know that what I have learned will serve me well.

Heather R. Landon
Critchfield, Critchfield & Johnston, Ltd.
Probate Paralegal
Wooster, OH
AIPS August, 2005 Graduate

I started AIPS in July of 2004. In September of 2004, I accepted a position as a Probate Paralegal. I was hired to replace the firms retiring paralegal who had been with the firm for 30+ years. Although I already had a working history with Trust and Estate area, I believe it was a huge plus on my side to be able to tell them I was already enrolled in paralegal school. And I was able to WOW them with my knowledge several times over the last year. : )

I feel the courses gave me a very well rounded overview of the legal profession. My career has been in Trusts and Estates for the past 8 – 9 years, yet in each class, I could find ways that related the class to my work.

My supervisor was always very impressed with the curriculum. He said “You are being required to do in one month, what I did in 12 weeks.” And he was often times stumped by my questions. Which I took to be a compliment toward the curriculum that he wasn’t able to just spit out the correct response. It made him think too. And he’s already done with school!!!!

A huge THANK YOU to AIPS. The knowledge I gained over the last year has given me an immense amount of confidence in my work. Taking the AIPS classes makes avoiding the UPL even harder. When someone asks a question, I know that I KNOW the answer. I have to refrain from answering. : ) My favorite is when I’m having a discussion with one of the attorneys at work and I get to correct them! Thank you again!

Susan K. Biro
AIPS August, 2005 Graduate

Not only have I learned about law, but from the staff and instructors I have learned more about compassion, caring about my fellow man, understanding, listening, and fairness. I couldn’t have gotten this kind of education anywhere else, but AIPS! Thank you one and all. Some of you are very special and you know who you are.

Dispute Resolution was my favorite along with Family Law. I can’t say Civil Litigation was my least favorite, but it was my most difficult. I will never be a litigator and I know it, but maybe a mediator.

I can’t name my favorite instructor, because each and every instructor I’ve had has been exceptional. They’ve been compassionate, caring, understanding and so much more. I haven’t the words to tell each and every one of them how much I’ve appreciated them and although they’ll say they didn’t do anything special, they treated me as though I was special and I couldn’t have gotten that anywhere other than AIPS!

Marisol Lugo
Jennison Associates
Legal Assistant
New York, NY
AIPS August, 2005 Graduate

Due to AIPS I have now taken on more of a paralegal role in my current job.

I found the Lexis course and the Legal Writing and Research course most valuable. I don’t think that I found any course to be less valuable. I think that this curriculum pretty much covered everything.

My most effective and favorite instructor was Randy Carroll. I have learned a great deal from him and have enjoyed his many stories both about his personal life as well as his professional life as well.

I would just like to say thank you for providing such a challenging and fun program. I was a little hesitant about applying to an internet based program due to the fact that I didn’t think it would be challenging enough but I have found it to be alot more extensive than attending a regular classroom environment. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I will actually miss AIPS.

Kristie Yvonne Baker
Department of Community Corrections
Probation/Parole Officer II
Little Rock, Arkansas
AIPS August, 2005 Graduate

This was my on-line educational experience. I, as well as other students entered it with fear. That didn’t last long at all. Everyone was so helpful and they showed such concern and dedication in making sure that everything was a smooth ride. This will be a life long experience that just flew by (I guess time does really fly when you’re having fun). Thanks to all of the directors and instructors, and last but not least keep making a wonderful difference in the lives of so many people………….

Barbara Jean Bobeck Amidon
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Biologist – Endangered Species
Portland, Oregon
AIPS August, 2005 Graduate

This program has changed my life for the better. I knew from the first course that this was right for me, and I have not changed my mind on that. I have come alive intellectually and look at the world with a much different perspective. I have developed my analytical thinking skills and feel much more confident in my conversations and offering my opinions to my peers. I am 50 years old and excited about starting a new career, so no one should think it is too late to change their life!!

I really have three favorite classes but the class that stands out in my mind is Estates and Trusts for two reasons: one, because I am really interested in the topic; and, two, I benefitted so much from my teacher’s frequent advice and encouragement, his use of so many cases to understand the concepts, and his managing to keep the class on track.

I am complimented frequently by my managers for my ability to analyze issues and being methodical in the way I lay out problems and management options. My AIPS training has definitely enhanced my skills in those areas. They are happy that I have taken responsibility for retraining myself because we are in a downsizing situation, and I hear that they are using me as a model for people who are stuck in their careers, or are reluctant to take charge of their future.

I am a biologist working with Endangered Species issues. I collaborate with other federal, state and local agencies and private landowners to create Conservation Agreements which focus on the positive actions we can implement to help prevent species from becoming listed as Threatened or Endangered.

I would tell anyone that if they are serious about entering the paralegal field, this is the program that will help them attain their goals. Working full-time and raising a son is demanding enough, and it was a huge relief to know I could come home and work all evening and weekends rather than drive across the city and attend classes on campus. Each instructor has their own personality and style, and can provide a wealth of background information to enliven the course. I can honestly say that I do not feel like I wasted one dime on this program, on the contrary, it has allowed me to explore an area I have always wanted to pursue. I sincerely feel very lucky to have found AIPS!

Richard Jack
The Legal Aid Society
Civil Practice Office Manager
Brooklyn, NY
AIPS June, 2005 Graduate

This certificate will be a great bargaining chip when I decide to move on from The legal Aid Society and will help me to make a salary commensurate with my experience.

I found value in every course and can’t really say one was more valuable than the other. The curriculum was well rounded and has given me an opportunity to not just jump into any paralegal position , but to chose a law firm which practice interests me.

I mentioned to my Attorney- in-Charge that I was taking the paralegal course to make myself more marketable in the event of a layoff, or if the organization went bankrupt, which was a very good possibility at the time that I enrolled. Since that time I was promoted to the position of Office manager of the Civil Division in Brooklyn, NY. It involves more money and more responsibility. In fact I now supervise all of the paralegals and investigators. The fact that I was an investigator and have taken this paralegal course, I think, makes me a better supervisor.

All of the instructors were effective and knew their stuff. It would be unfair to rate one better than the other. Rachele was my favorite I suppose because I had the most courses with her. Cedric made sure that I was thorough, he makes sure you know what your talking about and his grading reflects this.

All I can say is that this was a great experience for me. I wish that distance learning existed 20 years ago I would have had my doctorate by now.

Angela Peterson
Berbee Information Networks
Corporation Project Assistant
Madison, Wisconsin
AIPS June, 2005 Graduate

The knowledge I have gained from the AIPS program has been fundamental to my growth, professional and personal, and has pushed me to a new level professionally. Here I am, one year later, days after accepting a permanent position with the company I have been “temping” at for more than seven months.
I am a Project Assistant on the Corporate Initiatives Team, and, if you can believe it, I have used and still use knowledge from each course I have taken.

Who knew I would need to file through all the company’s legal documents pertaining to patents and trademarks three months after taking the course! These skills affect and benefit every aspect of my work/life.

Who knew? :)

The curriculum was really the perfect combination of courses for me.

My employer really considers me an asset with the expanded skill set that I now possess. I have an email folder titled “warm fuzzies.” The Human Resource Vice President has directly commented on the skills that I have learned from the AIPS program. Very, very positive!

Thank you for everything. Before I began AIPS, I was floundering and lacked overall confidence. The program provided the structure I needed and the knowledge to help me understand myself better and how to think and write more succinctly. Additionally, I am able to think more analytically; which is requisite of my new position.

I have found direction and am no longer lost on the path of life. Granted, the paths less traveled have been adventuresome!

Sean C. Thomas
Paralegal & Current Student
McGlothin Myher PLLP (effective April 18th)
Seattle, WA 98122

Never let specific paralegal experience stop you from going after a position. My new employer told me after I accepted the position that they were intending to hire someone with 5 years experience, but because my core skills were so comparable, they decided I would be a better fit.

Also, networking and referrals are great. My current employer referred me to my new employer and the two firms work together on many cases.

Karen M. Cavalieri
Critchfield, Critchfield & Johnston, Ltd.
Litigation Paralegal
Wooster, Ohio

I really enjoyed taking this course over the past year. I am sad to see it end, but I am now looking forward to the review course for my certification. AIPS has really become a part of my life and I enjoyed learning everything that I did from the instructors as well as my classmates. I couldn’t get enough of it and the months just went by too fast. It was very strange after my last class to not get a new class assignment. I wanted to do it all over again. Thanks to all the AIPS staff members and all of my fellow classmates. Good luck to all.

Sharon R. Perez, March 2005 Graduate
Don King Productions, Inc.
Contracts Manager
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

I found my experience at AIPS very satisfactory and rewarding. Everyone with whom I was in contact was extremely helpful and friendly. The courses were just the right length. You didn’t have time to get bored with a subject, it all went by really quickly. Just when you start settling in, it’s time for the e-test and e-review. I researched a lot of programs prior to enrolling at AIPS, none were as responsive as AIPS.

Debra A Patterson
Raymond James Financial
Paralegal Assistant
St. Petersburg, Fl 33716
AIPS Graduate

The classes I took at AIPS were both challenging and informative. I feel my education will open many doors to this rewarding career of law. I also feel my education was top notch, the instructors were top notch, and the knowledge I acquired will help me secure a great position.

Eileen VaGenius
Comliance Specialist
Legal Equity Residential
Current Student, started May, 2004

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share my exciting news with each of you. I am starting a new job within my company’s Legal Department on Monday as a Compliance Specialist. None of this would be possible without my AIPS education. I applied for a position in our Legal Department this time last year and was told without any experience or education, I would not be hired. The company sent me to AIPS and here I am one year later. The most exciting part is that they pursued me this time!

I would like to thank each of you for your involvement in my education. I was terrified to go back to school after so many years but each of you made this a wonderful learning experience for me. My AIPS education is literally a life changing event. Thank you so much for all that you have taught me. It is bittersweet now that I am down to three more months at AIPS . . .

Liz Pheteplace
November, 2004 graduate
Administrative Assistant
6th Judicial District
Durango, CO

I decided to take the CLA exam when I started AIPS in 9/2003. When I signed up for the exam in the fall, I had no idea what would be happening at work. I knew our newly elected DA would be taking office, so I had an idea that I wouldn’t be staying where I was, but I didn’t know I would be backing up our District Court coordinator! I think my education was really part of my promotion, which I am so thankful for. I think I’m the only person on my support staff with a college degree! I used to think that didn’t matter, but it is really paying off and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to learn through AIPS! I can read court opinions, motions, orders, etc. and actually understand them now!

Nancy Robinson
Natl Relocation Appraisal Training Specialist
Fidelity National Valuation
Milford, MA
AIPS Graduate

Personally I think AIPS is amazing. They are “the best” as far as response to questions and assistance. I have told several people that I get more attention at AIPS online than I received in all my campus classes. I also very much appreciate the opportunities to stay in touch with AIPS and alumni after graduation. That says alot about AIPS commitment to legal education and continuing education for paralegals.

Danielle Charpentier
Johnson & Hobgood, LLP
Atlanta, GA

“Thank you especially to Janice Hoover and Stephanie Brodin for not only offering assistance with my resumé and tips for interviewing, but mostly for the confidence they both stirred within me. I went into my search for a paralegal position with hesitation that I would not have a chance because I lacked “skills” and “experience.” Both Stephanie and Janice showed me just how qualified I really am, and how to present myself to prospective employers. I must say, without them, I probably would not have stuck my neck out like I did! Many, many thanks to Janice, Stephanie, Janet Russeth, Rachele Conant, John Shaheen, Annie Sacks, Dorene Fink (you were so, so nice to me when I started AIPS and really made me feel welcome!) and all the instructors, faculty, and fellow students at AIPS. Here’s to the first step of my new professional life! Thank you!”

Sharon Gurewitz
Portfolio Manager
Shelton Bay Retail
Mill Valley, CA

“Your AIPS education is very valuable in any field. You don’t need to apply specifically for paralegal positions. For example, in my first weeks on the job I had to deal with slip and falls (torts), bankruptcy, contracts, a real estate sale, evaluation of partnership documents, and estate issues. Emphasize how well you are able to communicate verbally and in writing. Also emphasize that if you don’t know an answer to something that you have great capability to research.”
Arthur Huse
Paralegal/Office Manager
Parker & Brown, P.C.
Boston, MA

“I finished my last course at AIPS at the end of October, and I was working November 19th. I was recommended to this firm, and another, by a friend who knew I was taking the program at AIPS. I also had two inquiries from newspaper ads to which I had responded.”

Melissa Howard
Family and County Mediator
Self Employed
Orlando, FL

“Even after being gone from AIPS for over a year, I still miss the interaction there sometimes. However, I have learned to go past my computer without “checking in.” The adjustment was traumatic, and required a bit of psychological rehabilitation, but I have transitioned to normal life once more:))) My education from AIPS has been used extensively, almost every day of my life in one way or the other. The tuition for AIPS was some of the best money I have ever spent. Thanks for being there, and for maintaining a quality educational opportunity for those who are committed to learning.”

Angela Howe
Legal Assistant
Jacksonville, IL

“I was promoted to Legal Assistant with Bellatti Law Offices in Jacksonville, Illinois. My promotion was an internal promotion at the law firm where I’ve been working for the past 16 months. This firm is well over 100 years old. We have 5 attorneys on staff and have never had a paralegal on staff before. When I interviewed with them for a legal secretarial position in the summer of 2003, I came with over 10+ years of legal secretarial experience already. I loved the legal industry, but I really wanted to become a paralegal.

I accepted the position provided I could undertake and complete the paralegal training with AIPS; the firm would financially assist me with the tuition; and upon completion of my certificate, be promoted into a paralegal position.

Everything went like clockwork and I graduated in November, 2004. By the end of the month, they had replaced my secretarial position and moved me into a Legal Assistant role working in estate planning and probate…my favorite field! I will remain in this role while the attorneys mentor me. When my proficiency improves, I will be promoted again to Paralegal and will have a billing rate of $50.00/hour.

I’ll be honest…it took a lot of hard work, self-discipline and many late nights studying, but it was well worth it! It can’t get much better than that!”

Peg Tierney
Investigators Contract Assistant
Current student
Lansdale, PA

“I found a position as an Investigators Contract Assistant with ICON Clinical Research located in North Wales, Pennsaylvania. I had seen postings on in the summer and really perked up when I saw the company was close to home. I applied through Monster and was sent to the Company web site. I applied for an Administrator position that required a paralegal background but heard nothing. I entered my profile into the company database as well as monster and when an opening came up for the Contracts Assistant position, I was notified by e-mail. I applied and was screened first by an HR Rep who thought I might be overqualified, but I assured her that I needed to gain the industry experience and finish my paralegal training and that starting out as an Assistant would benefit both me and the company.

I prayed daily for the right job to come along. Also, Stephanie Brodin was a huge help in reviewing my resume and cover letter and I would definitely recommend seeking her advice. After following her suggestions for tweaking and reformatting my resume in mid- September, I started hearing from more employers and this position was only my second interview.”

Ealish Matrisian
Graduating student
Seattle, WA

?I can’t find enough good things to say about AIPS computer distance learning program! The faculty and staff were terrific. If there was a computer related problem or other administrative concern, the staff was always helpful – ensuring a speedy resolution to any problem. No problem was too great or too small. The faculty are all practicing lawyers who are impassioned about the law and who exhibit a keen interest in sharing their knowledge and wealth of experience with the students, while preparing them for successful and productive careers. At the same time, the faculty exhibited compassion and understanding, respecting each student for his or her uniqueness. We were reminded to always have fun!!

The flexible format is ideal for busy lifestyles, allowing one to log-on at any time of day or night. The distance learning format brings together students from all parts of the country infusing the learning experience with a wealth of divergent viewpoints and experiences.?

Ryan Boulware
Paralegal and Current Student
Infinity Insurance Companies
Alpharetta, GA

“Hi Janet! It’s great having you for an instructor again since I think we had three courses in a row together earlier this year! I recently landed my first paralegal position, which I largely consider due to my enrollment in AIPS. My current job ends Friday, 11-19 and my new one begins Monday 11-29. During the interim, I’ll be going home to see family the week of Thanksgiving. I’ll bring by FirstClass software CD so I can install it and participate in discussions, etc… I certainly don’t anticipate a problem, but just wanted to give you the heads up.

Also, since I had Litigation with you this summer I felt compelled to read A Civil Action. What an excellent story! Harr does a great job making truth more interesting than fiction. And because of my paralegal training, I held it in even a higher personal regard. It is obvious to me now what an impact this case had on the legal environment. Thank you for introducing it to us since I believe that true comprehension is when you can see how academic concepts impact the real world.”

Jennifer Pajak
IP Document Coordinator
(but will soon be promoted to Marketing Paralegal)
McDonald’s Corporation
Oak Brook, IL

“I can confirm that this program has made a difference. I have been chosen to start the Marketing Paralegal position in my department at McDonalds Corporation!…I have learned so much and highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning about the legal area!”
Linda Kielek
American Re-insurance
Princeton, NJ

“This is literally the first and only paralegal job I applied and interviewed for. Because of my past experience at CIGNA, I was a perfect candidate. However, I was very lucky that the timing worked out in that, on a whim, I happened to go online to and saw the advertisement for this job (placed by Update Legal, a legal placement agency with an office in Philadelphia). I wasn’t really looking for a job at the time (though I was supposed to have been!!), but it was too appropriate to pass by.”