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There are many job opportunities and choices after paralegal school.  The private law firm is the traditional choice for many paralegals. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics private law firms are the largest employers of paralegals making up about 71% of working paralegals. A law firm offers a paralegal the opportunity to work side by side with an attorney. You also may have the chance to work closely with clients and even help prepare cases for court and attend court hearings. However, there are many other options after paralegal school outside the private law firm and the job responsibilities can vary depending on the employer.

Many paralegals find employment with government agencies. Government agencies offer many benefits like flexible hours, paid holidays, job security, and solid retirement benefits. Paralegals working in the government field may find themselves doing research, completing case files, and working with clients. Some examples are a prosecutor’s office, child support division, and various government agencies like social security.  

While in the corporate world, paralegals may find employment in a legal department working with attorneys on contracts, human resource issues, researching, and regulation compliance. The corporate world may offer room to grow and advance and competitive salaries which all may be appealing to a paralegal. Corporate employers can also include employers such as title companies, banks, and hospitals.

With so many choices, a paralegal school graduate is likely to find a job that makes him/her happy and offers a successful future.    

To find out more information about how to become a paralegal visit the online paralegal school page of the AIPS website.

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Janet Russeth, J.D. AIPS Instructor

Janet Russeth, J.D.
AIPS Instructor

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