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Paralegal Career Options: The Way Forward

Paralegal Career Strategies

Vicki Voisin, “The Paralegal Mentor”

Vicki delivers simple strategies for paralegals and other professionals to create success and satisfaction by setting goals and determining the direction they will take their careers. Vicki spotlights resources, organizational tips, ethics issues, and other areas of continuing education to help paralegals and others reach their full potential. She publishes Paralegal Strategies, a weekly e-newsletter for paralegals, and co-hosts The Paralegal Voice, a monthly podcast produced by Legal Talk Network.


The Institute prepares its graduates for a wide variety of paralegal career paths.  Our Director works with each student to build a resume that highlights key job related competencies and experiences.  A Placement Workshop is included in the curriculum for each student in the program.  Students and graduates build their resume, focusing on the paralegal career path of greatest interest and which matches the student’s skill set.

To broaden your possible career options, consider extending our program to complete the Litigation Specialty. Or, after graduation, take advanced courses in a specialty course that will be academically and professionally challenging with long term possibilities for your long term paralegal career growth.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports:

  • Despite projected much faster-than-average employment growth, competition for jobs is expected.
  • Formally trained, experienced paralegals should have the best employment opportunities.
  • Most entrants have an associate’s degree in paralegal studies, or a bachelor’s degree in another field and a certificate in paralegal studies.
  • About 71 percent work for law firms.

Just as importantly, the Bureau reports: Despite projected much faster than average employment growth, competition for jobs is expected to continue as many people seek to go into this profession; experienced, formally trained paralegals should have the best employment opportunities.

So, it is imperative that students planning on long term paralegal careers be formally trained and continue to advance in their field.

For more information on how the American Institute for Paralegal Studies can enhance your paralegal career development, please visit our paralegal career development website.

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