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Paralegal Certificate Programs:  Why are they important?

Check out paralegal certificate programs, if you want paralegal-specific training! 

Paralegal certificate programs may not be for everyone.  Why, you ask?  Well, not everyone is interested in paralegal training…in law-related training.  Makes sense, right?  Paralegal certificate programs are for folks, such as you, who are interested in specific training for a specific skill set to meet a specific career goal.   That specific career goal is to find paralegal or law-related employment.  Following are several questions you might be asking yourself: 

What are paralegal certificate programs?

  • Programs that provide training for the paralegal skill set
  • Programs with a curriculum that is applicable to those who work in a law-related job
  • Programs that provide a Paralegal Certificate upon completion of the program 

What is a Paralegal Certificate?

A Paralegal Certificate is a credential that verifies completion of a paralegal studies program 

What is the benefit of a Paralegal Certificate?

  • The Certificate may add law-related credibility to existing experience and skills
  • The Certificate allows you to work as a paralegal under attorney supervision
  • The Certificate may increase your value to your current employer
  • The Certificate may increase the possibility of higher compensation
  • The Certificate may increase the possibility of qualifying for law-related positions 

What about online paralegal certificate programs?

Online paralegal certificate programs bring a convenience to the paralegal training experience.  American Institute for Paralegal Studies (AIPS) has trained paralegals, online, for many years.  We use an interactive online classroom format where connection with classmates and instructors is not only encouraged, it is required.  That’s a good thing.  We call it the AIPS Advantage!  AIPS Online Paralegal Certificate Program is:

  • Convenient
  • Affordable
  • Relevant
  • Respected 

How can you use your Paralegal Certificate?

One of the major benefits of receiving your Paralegal Certificate is the law-related credibility it brings to your experience and current skills…and your resume.  Your Paralegal Certificate allows you to call yourself a paralegal.  Wherever there is a legal department or legal focus, a paralegal skillset can be used.  Paralegal programs can train you for employment in the following organizations: 

  • In law firms
  • In city, county, state and federal government
  • In municipal, district, superior or supreme court systems
  • In non-profit organizations
  • In corporations
  • In banks and financial institutions
  • In insurance companies
  • In local school districts/colleges and universities 

Click, here, to learn more about AIPS online paralegal programs.  Receive the training you need and want!

AIPS paralegal certificate programs 


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