Paralegal Certificate


You have researched paralegal programs, and you have heard about the Paralegal Certificate. You just aren’t sure what it is and if you need it. We applaud you for doing your research and for asking these questions. AIPS gets it! You want to make sure that you are spending precious time and hard-earned money on something that will benefit you. 

Let’s address several questions that you may have about this important paralegal credential:

  • What is it?
  • How will it benefit me?
  • Will I receive it upon graduation from AIPS?

What is it?

  • A Paralegal Certificate is a credential that you receive after completing a paralegal studies program.

How will it benefit you?

  • Your certificate confirms mastery of paralegal subjects and completion of training
  • Your certificate allows you to work as a paralegal under the supervision of an attorney
  • Your certificate will add law-related credibility to your work experience
  • Your certificate may increase your value to your employer
  • Your certificate increases the possibility of qualifying for more paralegal jobs
  • Your certificate increases the possibility of higher pay

Will you receive it upon graduation from AIPS?

  • Yes!! It is a constant reminder to each graduate of the sacrifice, determination and dedication he or she has demonstrated. 

Your success as a paralegal is important to AIPS. We feel it is our privilege and responsibility to provide you with excellent, relevant paralegal training. Click here to learn more about online paralegal training programs provided by AIPS. Formal paralegal training is a key factor in presenting yourself as a viable paralegal job applicant. If you are employed in the legal community, your Paralegal Certificate will demonstrate that you are willing to work hard and to go above and beyond to sharpen your skills.   

You may be interested in learning about the national trends and statistics regarding paralegal employment and paralegal job outlook. Interestingly enough, the possession of a paralegal credential plays a big part in the growth potential of a paralegal. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a much-faster-than-average job outlook for paralegals, and an above-average growth for paralegals who have a Paralegal Certificate. Click here to view the report.

Now that your questions are answered, the next step is to get started. Call us at 800-553-2420.

Paralegal Certificate