Paralegal Job Descriptions


Our team at the American Institute for Paralegal Studies has pulled together sample job descriptions for a variety of the most common paralegal practice areas and specialties.

Please click on each to view. Which one fits your interests and skills?


I highly recommend the American Institute for Paralegal Studies Program. This online program is a very professional and informative way to reach your goal in becoming a paralegal. Everyone involved in this program is very knowledgeable on the subject matter discussed each month and are willing to present the extensive material in a way that everyone can understand. Even though this is a online class, the communication with the instructors, as well as other students located all over the country was quite interesting and informative.

I have found during the entire course their main goal is to provide assistance that is beneficial to the student and to make sure all needs are met which I feel was accomplished.

I enjoyed this program immensely and it is with mixed emotions that I now graduate as a paralegal with a certificate. THANK YOU to all at the American Institute for Paralegal Studies Program that have helped me reach my goal! It has been a pleasure!

K. Johnson