Paralegal Resources: Association for Conflict Resolution


The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) is the nation’s largest professional association designed specifically for mediators, arbitrators, educators and other conflict resolution practitioners. 

The History of ACR

ACR was formed in 2001 from the merger of The Academy of Family Mediators; The Conflict Resolution Education Network; and, the Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution.  It was felt by conflict resolution professionals that one organization would be a more effective voice and collaborative decision-maker than multiple organizations.    

ACR Membership

ACR members are connected because of the skill set they possess and the part they play in conflict resolution.  The job possibilities are many, because conflict is found in almost any situation.  Following are some ideas of job possibilities found on the ACR website:

  • Government employee working with shared neutrals program
  • School educator teaching peer mediation
  • Custody mediator in the court system
  • Environmental mediator dealing with regulatory disputes
  • Arbitrator dealing with corporate non-performance
  • Public policy facilitator working with inter-agency conflict
  • Divorce mediator working with families

What ACR Provides

Annual conferences where conflict resolution practitioners gather to…

  • Learn new skills
  • Discuss cutting-edge issues
  • Keep abreast of what is happening in the expanding field of conflict resolution

Professional Interest Sections that allow practitioners to join with colleagues who share similar interests via…

  • Websites
  • Newsletters
  • Teleconferences
  • Meetings

Regional Chapters enable members to…

  • Meet and share ideas with colleagues in their community
  • Participate in activities that support their professional development

Committees and Initiatives where ACR hosts…

  • Committees
  • Task forces
  • Work groups
  • Initiatives           

Paralegals in Mediation

The ACR Career Center provides resources for those who are searching for employment as a paralegal in conflict resolution, including a Legal Job Board.  Conflict resolution professionals are necessary in every sector of our work force.  So, it is not surprising that there is an availability of paralegal positions in public and private organizations.  Paralegal positions can be found on the ACR website at


  • ACR is an organization designed for conflict resolution professionals, such as mediators, arbitrators, educators and other professionals involved in this career area.
  • ACR facilitates Conferences and Professional Interest Sections for professional development. 
  • ACR offers Regional Chapters plus Committee and Initiative opportunities for members who want to connect with colleagues or to work as a volunteer.