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Paralegal School includes Evidence course in the Advanced Litigation Specialty

One of the things that I teach new students at the AIPS paralegal school is that prime time law shows do not depict real life. These shows are fictional where cases go to trial within days and the underdog always wins. The parties (actors) say what they want to say during trial and admit every type of evidence. Not true in real life. In real life there are rules of evidence that prohibit some of those controversial pieces of evidence at trial and prevent your client from dramatically confessing on the stand.  The topic of evidence is taught in the Advanced Litigation course as part of the Litigation specialty at the AIPS paralegal school.

The rules of evidence govern what evidence is admissible and what is excluded. The evidence must be relevant and admissible. Relevant evidence is evidence that tends to make a fact or consequence more or less probable than it would be without the evidence. However, even though evidence is relevant it may be excluded by the U.S. Constitution, a statute, case law or other contrary evidence rule. For example, some rules of evidence that exclude relevant evidence are:  the evidence is unduly prejudicial which means that the probative value is substantially outweighed by the danger of unfair prejudice, evidence of a character trait if that evidence is used for the purposes of proving that the person   acted in conformity with the character trait, evidence that a party took measures to correct something after the damage leading to the lawsuit was done, evidence of settlement offers, and hearsay. There are many other rules that may prohibit relevant evidence from being admitted at trial.

There are many rules of evidence to learn in paralegal school. Litigation is a very interesting and demanding area of law. Students at the AIPS paralegal school have the option of obtaining a Litigation specialty, in addition to the paralegal certificate. The Litigation specialty certificate is a valuable piece of the paralegal school education that contributes towards the success of a paralegal. 

To find out more information on evidence in the Advanced Litigation course at the AIPS paralegal school visit or the curriculum page of the AIPS website, or the course description page.

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