Paralegal School


Paralegal School: Focused, Affordable, Convenient

Career assessment and career exploration lead to continued education. Many of you who are searching for a paralegal school are working adults who must balance–or juggle–a full-time job and personal commitments. Many of you have families who require your attention, and deservedly so. The reality of all of this is that you need a special type of paralegal school that meets your specific needs.

Is it possible? It is! AIPS understands each of these concerns and considerations. We understand that it takes time to research paralegal schools and programs. So, let’s take a few minute to outline the benefits of choosing a paralegal school–specifically, our online paralegal school. These benefits will most likely line up with your desires and expectations.  

The Advantages of a Paralegal School Education

 Specific Focus – The paralegal school focus is on a specific skill set, the paralegal skill set.

Affordability – The specialized paralegal school focus allows students to finish the program in less time, which translates into lower tuition rates

Relevant Curriculum – The paralegal school curriculum is designed to equip a paralegal with the fundamental skills necessary for law-related employment.

The AIPS  Paralegal School Advantage

Interactive Online FormatFacilitates daily communication with classmates and instructors.

Flexible – You choose when to begin, what time of day to attend class, and which program fits you.

Affordable – AIPS paralegal-specific programs allow us to offer affordable tuition rate.

Specific Focus – AIPS focuses on the paralegal skill set, not on a broad range of topics.

Relevant Curriculum – The AIPS curriculum is challenging and real-world applicable.

Technical and Academic Support – Superior technical and academic support is provided to each student.

Alumni Association/CLE Opportunities – AIPS supports its graduates by offering CLE opportunities.

National Certification Prep Course – AIPS CP Test Prep Course prepares graduates for the NALA CP Exam.

Additional Points to Ponder

  • You can “try out” our paralegal school program by signing up for our FREE Introductory Mini-Course.
  • You will receive your Paralegal Certificate upon completion of the AIPS course.
  • You will be learning from experienced attorneys and paralegals.
  • You will be learning from a paralegal school with over 34 years of experience.
  • You will be challenged and stimulated by the interactive online format.
  • You will receive a high level of support as a student and as a graduate.

Your success is important to us. Take the next step. Sign up for the free mini-courseApply, today!