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Will the benefit outweigh the expense of continuing your  studies at Paralegal School?

Paralegal studies are beneficial to your career…or, so you hear.  There has been much national conversation about the high cost of continuing education, and about the best way to plan a career.  Do you get a degree and hope to begin a career; or, do you find a career you are passionate about and learn those skills?  You must make the decision.  However, what we can tell you is that the time and money you spend on paralegal studies will benefit you.  Not sure you believe us?  Let the statistics do the talking. 

Paralegal Job Outlook

If you are interested in pursuing a paralegal career and in beginning your paralegal studies, then you will be happy to hear that the outlook for a career as a paralegal continues to grow.   In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states those who are formally trained “should have the best job prospects” ( 

Economic Benefit of Paralegal Studies

Demographics play a large part in actual compensation; however, in general terms, those who have formal paralegal training usually receive higher compensation.  The National Association of Legal Assistants (NAL) provides a detailed National Utilization and Compensation Survey Report (, which reveals this to be the case.  No matter where you live in the country, your paralegal training results in higher compensation.

Experience Combined with Paralegal Education

Are you working in a law-related job or organization?  If you have law-related experience…and, if you combine that experience with a Paralegal Certificate…you will be doing yourself a great service by receiving formal paralegal training.  If you spend some time checking out the surveys we have mentioned, above, you will find that paralegals that have experience and formal training are well compensated. 

Affordable Paralegal Studies

We touched on the national debate regarding the cost of continuing education.  Student loan debt has skyrocketed.  The wonderful reality is that career-specific continuing education, such as paralegal studies, is affordable.  You will spend less time, in total, but more time in relevant paralegal classes.  That equates to greater affordability. 

AIPS Paralegal Programs

AIPS understands what a paralegal needs to know in the work place.  We are experienced in training paralegals.  Our 100% Online Paralegal Certificate program is convenient, affordable and relevant.

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