Paralegal Schools: What you need to know!


Paralegal Schools

The Value of Skill-Specific Paralegal Schools

Continuing education is valuable in any form. However, if you want to learn a specific skill set, look for an institution that teaches those specific skills. Paralegal schools provide the skill-specific paralegal education for those who want to enter or bolster their paralegal career. Paralegal schools also provide a direct and affordable way to meet your paralegal career goals.

Why choose paralegal schools?

Focus – The focus is on the paralegal skill set, not on a broad range of classes.

Affordability – The relevant curriculum and format enables paralegal schools to offer affordable tuition rates.

Convenience – Paralegal school programs often take less time to complete than traditional college programs, with some programs presented in an online format.

How to choose a paralegal school?

Searching for the perfect paralegal school out of a whole list of paralegal schools can be daunting. Following are questions to consider:

  • How experienced is the paralegal school? 
  • Does the paralegal school use an online format? If so, how long has it provided online instruction?
  • How often do classes begin: Every month, every year, every quarter, or every semester?
  • Does the paralegal school provide program options?
  • Does the paralegal school provide a Paralegal Certificate upon completion of the program?

AIPS stands out among paralegal schools!

  • AIPS is experienced – We have over 35 years of teaching paralegal studies and over 15 years of online experience.
  • AIPS is affordable – Click here to learn about tuition rates.
  • AIPS uses an interactive online format – Daily communication with instructors and classmates makes learning more engaging.
  • AIPS classes begin monthly!  
  • AIPS provides several program options – You choose the program that fits you.
  • AIPS provides a Paralegal Certificate to graduates of our 100% Online Paralegal Certificate Program.

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