Paralegal Specialist: Paralegals in Government


Government agencies provide large sectors of law-related jobs. Many of you prefer the benefits, such as the possibility of generous salary packages and the job security, that come with working in a public position. There are many government agencies that hire paralegals; however, the main hirer is the Department of Justice. We are going to focus on the Paralegal Specialist, which is the federal government’s equivalent of a legal assistant. 

Paralegal Specialist – A Definition

There are a number of “grades” of a Paralegal Specialist. If you want to check out more detailed information, go to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s website at Following is the definition of Paralegal Specialist (Level 1-6) that is found in this manual:

The Paralegal Specialist may support the United States Attorney’s Office (USAO) by performing the following tasks:

  • Review and organize complex factual material and other documentary data for investigations and trials.
  • Provide advice on the most efficient method for preparing legal documents.
  • Use tables and citation checking with efficiency.
  • Prepare a variety of substantive legal documents to include legal memorandums, discovery requests and responses, and documentation relevant to acquiring evidence or testimony.
  • Develop and enter various case materials into a computer database.
  • Prepare charts, graphs, and tables to illustrate results.
  • Prepare, develop, compile, or maintain jury instructions in preparing for trial.
  • Prepare exhibits for trial which typically involve a wide range of visual materials.
  • Provide litigation case management and organize cases for court presentation.
  • Responsibilities will increase and assignments will become more complex as your training and experience progress.

What you need!

Whether you work in public service or private practice, in order to be the most hirable, best-qualified applicant, you need formal training. A law-related knowledge base and paralegal skill set is imperative. National certification ( is highly beneficial, as well. The AIPS online paralegal certificate program makes it very possible to keep your full-time job and gain the paralegal credentials you need to become a Paralegal Specialist. 

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