Personal Injury Paralegal


Accidents happen. Some are minor and some are not. There is help available for those who are injured. Personal Injury Law attorneys represent injured clients by dealing with insurance companies and any liable party involved in the accident. Sometimes, these matters have to be settled in court; and, at other times, the matters can be settled in mediation. In any event, it is comforting to know there are attorneys and paralegals who are working on the injured party’s behalf.

Personal Injury Law also protects anyone accused of negligent and harmful acts from frivolous or unreasonable lawsuits.     

Personal Injury Law – A Definition

Personal Injury Law identifies and outlines the obligations and rights of all parties that are involved in an injury lawsuit.

Focus of Personal Injury Law

  • Prove that the defendant’s action was negligent
  • Prove that the defendant’s negligent action is the cause of plaintiff’s injury
  • Prove that the defendant had a legal duty to act more responsibly
  • Advise on compensable injuries
  • Determine when a lawsuit is necessary and appropriate
  • Determine what types of damages a plaintiff may be entitled to recover
  • Deal with insurance companies

Role of Personal Injury Paralegal

The specific job tasks of the paralegal depend on the specific office; however, the following tasks might be performed under the direct supervision of an attorney:

  • Interview clients, witnesses, doctors, and law enforcement officers
  • Gather police reports, medical records and other supporting evidence
  • Review, index, organize and summarize documents produced by other parties and medical health care providers
  • Prepare demand packages and forward to insurance company or defense attorney
  • Communicate and correspond with client about case status and preparation
  • Prepare and file motion for mediation and notice for trial
  • File legal documents with the court
  • Locate expert witnesses to interview and possibly retain
  • Keep track of pretrial and trial order deadlines
  • Prepare pretrial and trial motions
  • Prepare trial exhibits, etc.
  • Prepare trial notebook
  • Perform legal research, bookkeeping and other general office tasks

What You Need

A Paralegal Certificate and national certification ( is highly beneficial!

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