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Policy, Politics and a Paralegal Job

How to apply for a paralegal job with the federal government! 

Does a paralegal job with the federal government sound interesting to you?  Do you find yourself dreaming about working in The White House or in Congress, or in an agency of the federal government?  If you are, you need to know that it’s possible.  The key is to get your foot in the door.  You need to know where to look for a paralegal job, and you need to know how to apply.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is a wealth of information and provides a document that outlines everything you need to know about applying for a federal job.  

“How to get a job in the Federal Government” by Olivia Crosby is the BLS document that defines the federal government application process.  Ms. Crosby talks about our nation’s largest employer…the federal government.  She discusses topics such as which agencies hire the most employees and where most of the federal government employees reside within our nation, plus much more.  Most relevant to today’s discussion is the portion that instructs you on how to apply for a paralegal job…or any job…within the federal government.  As we have mentioned, there is a specific process that you need to be aware of it before you begin the application process.  Pay close attention to what this document says to do.  Consider it your federal government application manual.  Once you have gathered your necessary personal information, you are ready to find a job. 

Federal Government Paralegal Job Search Engine

There is an official federal government job search engine: USAJOBS.  This is the first place you should go to look for a job with the federal government.  It is located at Click on the Resource Center in the toolbar for help in searching for your paralegal job.  You will be able to look for a job, on the home page, by using “paralegal” as the keyword in the “what” field.  You can keep the “where” field open for access to national paralegal job postings, or you can enter a specific state.  

Do you need a Paralegal Certificate?

It is important to set yourself up as the best applicant.  If you want to compete, nationally, you need a formal paralegal education.  AIPS will provide you with that education and a Paralegal Certificate!  Call 800-553-2420 to chat with us!


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