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Power Outages and Online Paralegal Classes

Online Paralegal Classes at the Coffee Shop

You researched, planned and, finally, decided to sign up for AIPS online paralegal classes.  You purchased your desktop or laptop, downloaded all of the applications needed for class, completed Orientation…and the power went out!!!  It’s snowing, blowing, sleeting, raining and dark.  Now, what?!!  All of the planning, in the world, cannot control the weather.  Thank the heavens for your local coffee shop!! In this case, the local Starbucks!  The convenience of online paralegal classes is very apparent, in situations just like this, when you can take your laptop to your coffee shop, hook up to the free Wi-Fi and log in to your class.  You can participate in discussion with your classmates (DQ), submit a quiz, talk to your instructor…it’s all possible.  Why?  Because all you need are your laptop and the internet…and maybe snow shoes and a very sturdy umbrella.

In past blogs, we have discussed the attributes of online paralegal classes.  Convenience is one of the most beautiful.  If you are in the middle of a power outage, your day-to-day activities may come to a stop; however, your brain does not.  The tasks that need to be completed are raising havoc in your mind.  Correct?  At this moment, it is important to take another deep breath and realize that this is out of your control, that you can only do what you can do, and that even your AIPS instructor will understand and work with you.  Click here for AIPS classroom info.

The convenience of online paralegal classes applies to each and every day of your AIPS class.  You don’t have to be a participant in a natural disaster to realize it.  It is nice to know, however, that your online paralegal classes are a mouse click away…if you can find a coffee shop.  By the way, you don’t have to drink coffee to go to the coffee shop.  They have tea and hot chocolate.

If you are one of those people who have not, yet, signed up for online paralegal classes, you don’t have to wait for the power to go enjoy the benefits and convenience.  You will be reminded, each day.  The “ahhhhh” moment of changing into comfy clothes, grabbing your favorite beverage and challenging your non-stressed brain is truly a wonderful thing. Online paralegal classes are a wonderful thing!

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