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Tech Paralegal Career

Consider a paralegal career with a technical focus! 

Does the thought of a paralegal career excite you?  Do you love all things technical and law-related?  Are you wondering if you can combine your technical expertise and a paralegal career?  Are we asking amazing questions?  Absolutely!! You may have attended a technical institution, and you know computers inside and out.  What an incredible skillset to have!  Anyone who works in an office setting knows that IT support and innovation is incredibly important to that office or organization.  Perhaps, you would like to learn more about how to get the best of both of worlds…technical and paralegal.  Let’s highlight some jobs that might pique your interest.  

Computer Forensics Firm Employee – These firms house computer sleuths…IT PI’s.  These professionals know where to find information that most of us would never know to look.  They are computer sleuths…IT PI’s.  What a great marriage of technical and legal knowledge.   Check out Global CompuSearch to get an idea of the services a premiere computer forensics firm provides:  http://globalcompusearch.com/  

Technology/Litigation Paralegal – How would you like a paralegal career where your time is divided into two functions?  Peruse this job description:

“Chicago-based law firm is looking for top technology/litigation paralegal position. This is a hybrid position where the paralegal will spend part of the time supporting the firm’s information technology (IT) systems and part of the time supporting the firm’s litigation teams. A minimum of two years’ experience working in litigation and technology is required. As IT support, the paralegal will be expected to troubleshoot routine computer issues for the office and serve as a liaison with outside IT consultants to solve more complex issues and aid in regular IT maintenance. As litigation support, the paralegal will be expected to focus on electronic database management, as well as other litigation functions.”   

Sound interesting?  Have the technical knowhow but need the paralegal education?  AIPS will help with that.  

Legal Software Sales – Maybe, you are a natural salesman.  You know the legal system and process.  You know legal software.  You could be a legal software rep who showcases products that benefit law-related offices and organizations.  Your paralegal career makes you a trustworthy representative. 

These are just a few of the many tech-type possibilities that might fit your paralegal career to a T!  Get the technical credentials you need and your Paralegal Certificate from AIPS! Call 800-553-240!

technical and paralegal career

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