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How to Measure the Success of a Paralegal Program

What do graduates say about the Paralegal Program? 

There is just not enough time in your day to research every online paralegal program, so we thought we’d help you out.  Wouldn’t you agree that hearing positive comments about customer service makes you want to try out that company, product, etc.?  Did you know that a paralegal program has customers?  They’re called students!  You already knew that, because you’ve been around the block once or twice.  However, some folks might not view a student as a customer.  Let’s take this a bit further and state that a successful educational experience will make a satisfied student.  Sound correct?  American Institute for Paralegal Studies (AIPS) believes it is very important to listen to what graduates say, whether praise or constructive criticism.  So, do you want to know what recent AIPS graduates have to say about our paralegal program?  Let’s take a peek!  

Following is an excerpt from the Graduate Survey of L.M. of Baltimore, Maryland…

“I did not miss anything in the curriculum; all of my courses provided key insight not only into the various fields of law, but also the role of the paralegal in each of these fields, as well as vital tips for Lexis and paralegal ethics.” 

 “I have been commended tremendously (by employer) on my proficiency in multiple fields of law, as well as my ability to conduct effective legal research for the attorneys. My ability to use Lexis in such an effective manner, as well as quick interpretation of cases, has assisted the attorneys greatly.” 

“Thank you so much for everything! AIPS gave me the vital tools needed to work effectively as a Legal Assistant, and I hope to put it to good use as I continue my legal education and simultaneously work as a legal assistant. The AIPS professors and classes are innovative, informative, and give their students and outstanding ability to conduct themselves in a high-functioning manner. Thanks, AIPS!” 

…and a short and sweet excerpt from the Graduate Survey of E.B. of Port Clinton, Ohio: 

AIPS changed my life!  Thank you!”   

AIPS!  Stellar customer service and a relevant paralegal program designed with you in mind!   We understand that our success depends on the success of our graduate, which is the true measure of a successful paralegal program!  

The next class begins April 23!  Go to http://www.aips.com/ for info!

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