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Online Paralegal School:  The Three C’s

Communication, Communication, Communication

Online paralegal school has a number of advantages.  Many working adults cannot afford the luxury of taking a full class load at a local college.  In most cases, there is a family to support plus extra life commitments to maintain.  So, the flexibility of the online class schedule is very attractive.  The time spent traveling to and from a traditional college building can be spent studying.  It’s totally possible for you to choose the time of day that best fits your study habits.  In addition, online classes are usually more affordable, which makes them even more tempting.  This all sounds divine, which it is!  However, it is very important that there is communication between you and the online paralegal school that you choose.  You need to know what to expect, each step of the way.  Do you? 

 What needs to be communicated?  Some communication takes place before the online paralegal school class begins.  Other takes place after.  Check these out:

 How do you apply to the online paralegal school?

 When do classes begin?

How early can you access your class?

What computer applications do you need to download?

What are your responsibilities prior to the beginning of class?

Is there an Orientation?

Do you need to complete Orientation before you begin your class?

Will you use e-books or traditional textbooks?

When will you receive your books?

Who do you contact for academic questions and for technical questions?

How quickly are your questions addressed?

You should be able to begin your online paralegal school experience knowing what is expected of you.  Unexpected things happen; but, you should know where to go and who to contact, if they do.  

What you need to know about the American Institute for Paralegal Studies?

AIPS has over 15 years of online paralegal school experience in communicating with its students!

AIPS students can take Orientation any time prior to the beginning of class!

AIPS students are granted access to their classroom the Friday before class begins!

AIPS provides very prompt responses to students’ questions and needs!

AIPS staff and faculty are committed to you and to your success!

Let the communication begin!  800-553-2420 Next class starts March 19!  Click here to register to attend the American Institute’s online paralegal school.

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