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The Value of a Paralegal Certificate

Do employers really prefer that you have a Paralegal Certificate? 

The world of work is a competitive place; however, do you really need a Paralegal Certificate to find a paralegal job?  Do employers prefer prospective employees who have formal paralegal training; or, is it just a ploy, by paralegal programs, to get you to sign up?  Today, you absolutely know that you need it, and can justify both the time and money you need to spend.  Yesterday, you were ready to forget it, just so your mind could stop cycling through justifications and excuses.  Thoughts, such as these, take you on a mental journey that is all over the map…and you feel as though you are driving in the dead of night with your lights off.  You can’t see anything clearly.  Sound familiar?  

Job postings are a great indicator of what an employer is looking for in a job applicant.  Employers are going to state what they prefer or desire in a potential applicant.  Why do they do that?  Because they want the most qualified person to fill the position!  Law-related employers are going to outline, on the job posting, what they prefer in an applicant.  The employer, then, chooses the applicant that best fits the qualifications of the job. 

Example:  Two applicants apply for one paralegal position posted by a law firm.  The firm prefers the applicants have a Paralegal Certificate.  Both applicants have worked in a law firm, and are very evenly matched; however, only one of the applicants has a Paralegal Certificate.  If you were the employer, who would you choose?  Maybe, a better question is this:   Who do you want to be, the applicant with the Paralegal Certificate, or the one who had everything but the Certificate?     

If you need some evidence of what we’ve been discussing, check out the job postings, below.  Take note of how many mentions of Paralegal Certificate there are.  Then, consider that these are just a few of hundreds of paralegal job postings.  

American Institute for Paralegal Studies (AIPS) believes there is great value in obtaining your Paralegal Certificate.  If your goal is to be marketable, then you need to do what you can to help yourself.  You won’t do it, alone.  We’re with you, all of the way.  Click here to learn more about the AIPS totally online Paralegal Certificate program.   




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