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The Katie Bressner Interview

 Do you have the courage to move forward with your career goals?  Does something keep holding you back?  That “something” might be fear of failure, or of change, or of the career unknown.  If fear is holding you back, a good remedy is to move forward.  Allow change to be a catalyst and not a stumbling block.  Listen to a recent AIPS grad’s success story…a dream-come-true Criminal Law Paralegal job!

A little history…

Meet Katie Bressner, a May 2012 graduate of American Institute for Paralegal Studies (AIPS).  Katie is newly employed as a Criminal Law paralegal in Pontiac, Illinois, with one of the most sought after defense attorneys in the area.  She helps her supervising attorney prepare for trial; assists with discovery and interviews; prepares papers; and, assists in the courtroom.   She calls her new job her dream job.  Katie had been looking for a paralegal job for six months.

Prior to working in her current job, Katie worked as an ROI Specialist.  She released medical information to various parties, including insurance companies and attorneys.  Katie was unemployed for 4 months before she was hired as an ROI Specialist.   

The interview…

Katie, how did you find your new Criminal Law Paralegal job?

I actually found out about it (the job) from my hair dresser.  My new employer’s wife was conversing to her about how she just can’t find someone to do the job the right way, and who understood the area specific area of law.  My hair dresser told me this information; and, that same day, I called the (law) office.  I told them a little about myself.  They asked if I could come in for an interview.  About half way through my interview, both my employer and his wife admitted they knew they wanted to hire me after they got off the phone with me the week before!  So, for me, networking was everything.

How did your AIPS schooling impact your ability to find this new position?

It (my schooling) gave me the tools and background I needed to land a job in the criminal law field, which is what interests me the most.  When hired, he (the attorney) told me how impressed he was with what I had accomplished and how much I knew about criminal law, particularly…

Do you have any job search strategies you would recommend to others?

Don’t be afraid to just ask if they are looking for any help.  The office I have been hired at never advertised a job, and actually even had someone in the position.  So, when I came to them, they basically created a position for me.  Now, the other employee is able to do more office work, which she is much more comfortable with. 

Katie, do you have any other “words of wisdom” you would like to share?

Don’t give up!  There were days I was slightly discouraged because I hadn’t found a job yet, or because the interview I was getting were in area of law I wasn’t as excited about.  Then, out of nowhere, a phone call was all I needed to make.  So, keep trying and don’t lose faith!! 

Be courageous and take the next step!  Apply, today!   

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