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Midsummer’s Night Dream:  Your Paralegal Certificate

Next Class Begins August 19! 



 A goal is a dream with a deadline! –  Napoleon Hill

So, what was your deadline to begin your paralegal studies?  August has arrived.  Your early summer excitement segued into thoughts of back to school and preparation for fall.  If you are bemoaning the fact that you didn’t move on your dream of applying to the AIPS 100% Online Paralegal School, before now, never fear!  You still have time!  The next class begins August 19.  Let’s refresh your memory of the reasons why you want your Paralegal Certificate…and, why you want a 100% online program.  Then, move toward your goal.      

The work place is a competitive place!

Your Paralegal Certificate will give you the law-related credibility and paralegal skill set that you desire and need.  Plus, it confirms that you have mastered substantive legal coursework.  Not everyone can say that!  To learn more about the importance of this credential, go to: .

You want to continue your education and gain paralegal credentials!

Your goal has always been to be the best you can be in your career.  You understand how impressive paralegal credentials, such as the Paralegal Certificate or national paralegal certification (, will look on your resume.  It’s a fact!  These credentials will give you an edge and will address one of the “desired qualifications” often found in paralegal job applications.  

A 100% online paralegal school allows you to control when you attend class!

Let’s face it!  Life is crazy busy.  The thought of leaving your home to attend a traditional classroom just doesn’t sound good at all.  You are not alone.  The AIPS paralegal program is designed for busy working adults, just like you.  Early Birds and Night Owls are able to study at the time of day that works best for them.  Now, doesn’t that sound crazy good?!  (

Take the AIPS course!  Don’t bother with other online courses.  The course is a good   investment, affordable, and you will get top of the line instructors as well as quick, online tech  assistance throughout your course.  Subjects were kept interesting, interactive, which made me look forward to my classes.

Ana Lawler
Tustin, California

The AIPS Advantage!

  • Affordable
  • Interactive online format
  • Experienced – training paralegals since 1978, with over 15 years of online experience
  • Comprehensive, real-life applicable curriculum

This goal…this midsummer dream…can be reached! To learn more, go to or call 1-800-553-2420.  Apply, today

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