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Profile of an Online Paralegal Student

 Online Paralegal Students

Today is the perfect day to begin the quest for your Paralegal Certificate!  American Institute for Paralegal Studies (AIPS) allows you to choose the month you wish to begin, as well as the specific program you wish to study.  So, what’s holding you back?  Let’s spend a few moments to remind you   why you are a perfect fit for the AIPS 100% Online Paralegal Certificate Program!


You are self-disciplined and motivated!

Life is busy!  You need to manage your time…and you can.  You will be able to incorporate study time into your schedule.

  •       AIPS classrooms are accessible 24/7 – Early Birds and Night Owls welcome!  Whooo knew! 


You communicate effectively through writing!

Writing doesn’t inhibit you, it frees you!  You will be able to complete your exercises with confidence and timeliness.

  •       AIPS classes will sharpen your legal writing skills. 


You feel you can receive a quality education at an online paralegal school!

You have appreciated your traditional classroom experiences; however, you don’t feel you need the traditional classroom social interaction to be a successful student.  You feel confident in the expertise of your online school…and you feel confident in your ability to commit to an alternative educational experience.

  •       AIPS online format is interactive; so, classroom discussion is both expected and encouraged!


  •       AIPS has trained paralegals since 1978 – Over 15 years of online experience!


You have access to a computer and the internet!

You have a computer and internet access; plus, you feel comfortable and confident using it.  You will be able to participate in your virtual classroom with ease…after getting acquainted with the “campus”.

  •       AIPS staff provides each student with prompt personal attention, guidance and support!    


You don’t want to pay for classes you won’t use!

Your desire is to learn the paralegal skill set…and to pay only for classes you need to be a paralegal. 


You appreciate the portability, accessibility and convenience of an online paralegal school!

The thought of coming home from work and leaving, again, to go to class just doesn’t appeal to you.  You like the fact that you can come home, change into comfy clothes, and “go to class” when it fits your schedule.  You can take your classroom with you on business trips and vacations…a perfect fit for you! 

Convinced?!  Next class starts May 20!  Go to  http://www.aips.com/apply-now/ or call us at 1-800-553-2420!

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